Top reasons why you should visit Pampanga ASAP

Located in the heart of Luzon and flanked by Bataan and Bulacan, Pampanga was the moniker given to this beautiful location simply because the natives in this place resided near river banks. The name given to the place was coined by Spaniards though originally, the place was called “La Pampanga”, the name stuck nevertheless. This place lies on the northern shore of Manila Bay and is classified as a first class, highly urbanized city. Furthermore, this city has a functioning government independent of the province.

There are innumerable and various reasons why this province which was honored as one of the eight rays in the sun in our national flag (for their outrage and revolt against the Spaniard domination) should be one of the places on your “to visit” list. This list aims to give you the top four reasons why you should book your ticket today and experience the wonder of this lush and less known paradise.

REASON 4: Leisure Parks, Casinos and Resorts

This locale is home to an array of leisure parks, casinos and resorts which is located in Fontana Clark, Pampanga which would play host to people who enjoy these activities. Looking for a place to try your hand? The casinos here are rather abundant and if after a night of gambling and drinking prove tiring to you, you could opt to visit one of its many leisure parks for the next day. Additionally, should you be looking for a place to unwind, or if you just generally want to spend the day with your family, look no further as the place is littered profusely with assorted resorts.


REASON 3: Verdant and visually appealing scenery

Tired of the city scenery you immerse and surround yourself in for seven days in a week? Would you want a different feel other than the concrete jungle you seem to see yourself stuck in? Visiting Pampanga might just solve your dilemma. This beautiful and luxuriant locale is teeming with copious trees and has some of the most colorful sceneries in the Philippines. Pampanga’s true beauty, with its vibrant waterfalls, abundant forests and hills, is more than scenery, it is an experience.


REASON 2: Rich in history and culture

The Philippines is a devout Catholic country, and being one of the incipient Christians of the world and Pampanga is no exception. In fact, the place has its ample share of historic churches that have withstood the test of time, these churches are filled to the brim with antique religious artifacts that are all rich in history. Pilgrimages are held in some of the churches and religious rituals are never scarce. In relation to this, during the Lenten season, a local man would have himself crucified on a Good Friday as an offering to God for saving his wife and unborn child during birth. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of tourists would flock the province.



Each locale has its own savory dishes to offer but Pampanga is especially different. In fact, Pampanga has been given its rightful honorarium for being the culinary capital of the Philippines. This place is home to the most savory chicken tocinos and longanizas. When paying this place a particular visit, a trip wouldn’t be complete without taking home some of their delectable tocinos.



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