Four Outdoor Activities For Weight Loss



Ti’s the season to be round, fat and jolly.

And if anyone asked me, what I am getting for Christmas they will be given a very straightforward answer: Fat. This holiday season, I am getting fat! I know that this much is true considering how much we gorge on party food during various soirees from office Christmas parties to get-togethers and Noche Buena with the family. However, roughly three months after that and we are officially in summer season giving you barely enough time to prepare for the bikini season. Sadly, most of us have still retained our holiday fat and flab. This is a disappointing reality. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case for the next year.

As early as today, draft your resolutions for 2016 and make an irrevocable pledge in achieving a healthy weight loss and do make sure you do just that. However, instead of enrolling yourself in your local gym for a couple of months or so, why not diversify your weight loss routine? Muscles and toned bodies are not all manufactured at the gym after all. Consider trying various ways into inserting a bit more flavor and spice to your weight loss regime and one way to do that is to immerse yourself in an outdoor activity that you are comfortable with. By losing weight this way, you are guaranteed not only of a workout but a fun activity you can enjoy as well.

Finding one that will suit you would not be too hard considering that outdoor activities in the Philippines are rather abundant recently.

Unsure what these activities are? Well, take a look at the list below and get some ideas from the examples.


This is not only an effective weight loss activity, but it serves the dual purpose of you achieving your weight loss plan as well as conveying you from one place to another. Instead of taking spinning classes, try cycling instead and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. With cycling, time passes much faster and when in terms of effort, it tends to feel easier to do due to the easy distraction you have with the scenery. Cycling outdoors tones your glutes, quadriceps, shins, hamstrings and calves better than indoor cycling.

Approximate calories burnt: 240 calories and even more in endurance biking such as mountain biking.


Why lose weight alone when you can do it together with friends? Enjoy a scenic view and an enjoyable morning with friends playing this awesome full body workout. Beach volley targets and tones the arms, shoulders, abs as well as the legs and if that is not enough to entice you into trying this out then perhaps the beach will. The workout you do while playing a round of beach volleyball is quite expansive and inclusive as it constantly encourages you to move while utilizing many workout routines such as squatting, diving, jumping, etc. Additionally, the movement is done on sand which makes it more difficult and would definitely boost your calorie burn even further.

Approximate calories burned: 290 calories–equivalent to running at 5mph.


Here’s a workout that you can easily do without having to worry too much about the gear. If you just have the appropriate running shoes, then you are all set. Much like cycling, running allows you to enjoy the surroundings while burning calories simultaneously. If you choose an uneven path, you will give your muscles a harder workout which means along with the wind resistance, you are burning more calories. Diversify and increase the difficulty of your run by choosing routes that incorporate uphill and downhill terrains to stimulate as many muscles as you can.

Approximate calorie burn: 290 calories at a pace of 5 mph.


Not exactly groundbreaking neither new, but one you have might have been neglecting all your life. Instead of taking the car or the cab to a nearby place perhaps traipsing on concrete might be the healthier alternative for you. Walking may be the best outdoor activity in this list as it does not need any sports gear at all and is possible to do at any given time and anywhere. If you are not big on running then, consider this as another alternative.

Approximate calorie burn: 135 calories for brisk walking


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