Games You can Play with Frisbee




Lightweight, handy and can easily fit into any bag, the Frisbee has been making waves ever since its early inception.

Tossing a disc towards another individual has never been a more satisfying and enjoyable activity. The fact is, Frisbee Philippines has been on the rise and has been making its prominence known recently among sports enthusiasts and health buffs. It is a great way to tone your muscles, improves your health and is an overall fun activity.

Additionally, this is one of the fun go to games when you are planning to hit the beach. It does not need so much equipment apart from the flying disc and it is portable. However, your Frisbee is more versatile than you originally thought, and that nondescript flying disc in your possession carries a multitude of activities you can do. Sure, the traditional way of throwing a flying disc back and forth may be a fun and enjoyable game, there are a lot more entertaining ways that employ and utilize a Frisbee. This can range from casual to complex, a two-man game to a team sport.

Looking for ways to spice up your activities with the flying disc? Read on below.


If you are one of the fortunate people who lives in the vicinity of a vast and lush lawn near you, then Frisbee Golf is one of the games you can play using a Frisbee. Given the moniker “frolf” or disc golf, this game shares the same aspects with regular golf with the obvious exception of utilizing Frisbees instead of golf balls and holes are replaced with baskets. The mechanics of the game are fairly easy as the objective of the game is to get the disc inside the basket in as few tosses as possible.

You can easily make your own makeshift course as well, and this is possible in any empty lot. Just fashion a basket out of pail or an unused laundry basket. This game can be played with as many players as you want with players taking turns on one disc.


This is pretty straightforward as the rules and mechanics are similar to regular bowling. Prop up a set of lightweight bottles that can easily be knocked over by a Frisbee and commence target practice. Aim and then hurl your Frisbee towards the targets. The beauty of this game is that there are so many diverse ways to play it such as switching up the rules to declaring the winner as the one who tossed the least number of times to knock the entire set or considering the winner as the one who knocked the most bottles in one throw.


This is also known as Guts. Have two teams on a court akin to a dodgeball-like court. Each team would have a thrower that would throw the Frisbee into the other team’s court. Should the Frisbee land out of bounds, the defensive team earns a point and if the defensive team fails to catch the Frisbee, the offensive team scores a point. If the defensive team catches the toss then neither team scores.


When you do not have a set of pals to play Frisbee with, enlist the company of your best animal friend and pet. Dogs enjoy a game of Frisbee as it is very much similar to “fetch” or “catch”, they enjoy it as much or even more than their owners. Obviously, the Frisbee would be the accessory utilized in playing this game in lieu of a ball, and it can also serve as a makeshift dish for whenever your pooch is ready to have a water break.


There are so many various ways to play with a Frisbee, and though the classic and traditional approach never gets old, it never hurts to incorporate new ways to play as well. So on a bright and sunny afternoon, gather some friends and bring out your flying discs then get playing!


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