Family First: Reasons to Spend Time with Family


“The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.” –Gilbert Chesterton


With your perpetually busy schedule, have you ever stopped and thought of giving even just a fraction of your time to bonding with your family? Despite your best efforts in making a living and providing for them, have you ever truly justified your reason for pushing family time aside to make room for your work tasks and responsibilities?

If you have answered “yes” to both questions there is a likely chance that you are not spending time with your family at all—even in the barest minimum. Each day you decline to spend time with your family, you push them further away. And by the time you will have realized all that you have missed, your children will have grown distant and your spouse cold. Then, you ask yourself: Is it truly worth it? Sure, you might have provided for them more than adequately but none of those could ever compare to the warm and loving presence of a parent or a spouse who is physically there. At the moment, the realization might fail to register but once you are old and grey, you will begin to wonder what else you have missed when you spent all that time at work. When you are old and grey, would the extra time away toiling at the office make up for the ones you have already lost with your family? Spending time with your family is more important than you think. After all, you only have one so you might as well cherish the bond that you have. Form a relationship with your kids and solidify it or you might regret it once you are old and grey and would likely forget to spend time with you as well. Besides, spending time with family can be very beneficial—and not just in forming familial ties.

While strengthening family ties by spending time with your spouse and kids is a given, it has also been shown that there are many more profound benefits. So, if you have been wondering if you should catch up on extra work this weekend, you might want to hold that thought and book a family weekend to Sandbox Alviera or elsewhere.

In any case, here are some of the most compelling reasons why family time is incredibly important:


Builds self esteem

Understandably, children who spend more time with parents tend to be more confident than their less-parented counterparts. After all, by spending quality time with your kids, you are building a relationship with them. By going to their school plays, attending their school activities and presentations, you are showing them that you believe in them. As a result, these kids will develop high-esteem and self-confidence which would ultimately redound to having them build better relationships with others. When you spend time with your family, it shows them that you value them.


Nurtures positive behaviors

One of the best reasons why you should spend time with family is that kids will consequently develop positive behaviors because of this. You have better leverage on what they are influenced by and can gauge how well you are executing your parenting skills. More importantly, you will be able to keep a keen eye on what sort of behaviors your children will develop and correct them if needed. In fact, it has been shown that adolescents who spent more time with their parents tended not to abuse illegal substances and alcohol.


Creates bonds

Of course, spending more time with your family will inevitably lead to forming familial bonds with them—which over time, you can nurture and strengthen. If you and your family members constantly get involved in group activities and enjoy together, you will develop strong relationships and be able to handle stressful situations with ease. Understandably, making time for family can be quite a challenge to do in this perpetually busy age. In fact, time away from work might even be considered as luxury by some parents. However, know that no matter how difficult, always find a compromise and try to spend time with your family—your children more importantly. It teaches your kids valuable lessons which they would prove useful to them later in life.


Creates fond memories

Once you are old and grey, do you really want to look back at your life and reminisce about all the times you had spent time working extra hours at the office? Of course, you would want better memories to cherish and immortalize. By spending time with your family, you will be able to create memorable moments worth reminiscing over and over again. By the time you are grey and old, you will look back at those memories fondly and come to the conclusion that you have indeed lived a rich and full life.


Relieves stress

Spending time with a loved one—no matter how long or short—will always relieve stress. Telling them about your day and what happened at work helps you unwind and relax. More importantly, by allowing you to vent without judgment, you are given a momentary breather from what could have been a potentially taxing week. So reduce your stress, be open about your worries and anxieties. Spend time with your loved ones and watch them do the same for you. Money can always be made but you only have one lifetime to spend with your family.


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Smart Travels: Five Reasons Staying in Hotels Should be Your Last Resort for Accommodations


“Not all those who wander are lost…Unless they are pissed and are trying to find their way back to the hostel” –Author Unknown


There has never been any doubt that accommodations play a pivotal role in determining what kind of vacation you are aiming for.

Those who wish to have a more luxurious and relaxed stay can opt to stay in hotels while those who are on a budget might want to consider the alternatives. Unfortunately, most travelers are not savvy enough to explore their options and are under the impression that they are constrained to staying in hotel accommodations. However, in a world rife with booking apps such as Trivago and Airbnb, this notion is not only preposterous but incredibly archaic as well.

More importantly, those who do not care to explore their options might end up missing out on a lot as well. Besides, when you are out of the country, you would be spending most of your time outside of the room and would probably only get to stay at the hotel between the hours that you sleep at night and wake up at the morning. So, if you are paying a premium each night for your stay, it would not make much sense if you do not get to take advantage of it—even more so when you are on a budget. With this in mind, it always pays to take a look at your options first before going with the obvious route such as a hotel accommodation. Regardless of whether you are traveling domestic and are looking for Pampanga hotels or internationally, here are some of the compelling reasons why choosing to book a hotel for your stay should be your last resort:


Hotels are expensive

Hotel accommodations are pricey. No need to mince words as they really are. Sure, you might get to enjoy the myriad of amenities offered from the pool to the gym, but do you really need those when you would be mostly out and about in the city? More importantly, some of the amenities offered in hotels are offered in some Airbnb rentals as well as a chain of hostels—at a fraction of the price of a hotel room. You are pretty much getting the same service at a significantly reduced rate. So, why not consider the alternative?


The nightlife scene is significantly more interesting than in hotels

If you are a relatively young traveler, you will no doubt be searching for things to do at night. A few of the things you might be considering would be clubbing, hanging out in bars or perhaps capping of the day with a drink or two—all of which you could do at a hotel. However, hotels have a more conservative and reserved clientele given that most of their guests are composed of families or at least esteemed guests. Guests who are within your age range have no business staying in hotels unless they are with family (or are feeling particularly luxurious which is rarely). The nightlife scene in hostels is pretty much like your first year in college all over again. You get to meet people from all over the globe, get to know and hang out with them. Who knows? You might even end up being friends and travel buddies for the rest of your trip?


It is cozier

Hotel alternatives such as hostels and short-term rental homes are far cozier and more personal than hotels. Hotels tend to be a bit more detached and it is quite difficult to feel at home in them. Hostels on the other hand are far more comfortable and homey to stay in. More importantly, you would get better recommendations for cool restaurants and local bars in hostels better as more locals would be hanging around in the lobby. Hotels may give you information about places around as well but it is likely because they are paid to do so rather than an honest reference of the place.


Shared meals

Staying at an Airbnb accommodation means you might get to share meals with your hosts. It is not uncommon to have your hosts stay with you during the length of your stay and interact with you. Apart from giving you good recommendations, they might even share home cooked meals with you! Hostels are also accommodation alternatives wherein the sharing of meals is encouraged.


You will make stronger connections

Hotel guests go out and about without ever interacting with one another. Hostel guests on the other hand are encouraged to meet and greet each other insomuch that they might potentially become travel chums. Hotels tend to be detached whereas hostels are more connected. If you wish to have a more memorable and immersive experience, go for the alternative and stay in a hostel or an Airbnb hosting instead.

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Philippine Adventures: Compelling Reasons Why You Should Try ATV Riding at Least Once


“It is great adrenaline rush, especially running waterfalls. The feeling of dropping off the edge can be thrilling and terrifying at the same time.” -Anna Levesque

It has been said that you have never truly lived until such time that you experience that rush of adrenaline that takes you to new heights.

That feeling that gives you an inexplicable sensation is unlike any other brought about the slight risk in what you are doing. For this reason, a slew of people would literally chase death-defying activities that would more often than not, cross the boundary of what you would consider as daring enough. However, what about those of us who would wish to experience that very same kind of rush sans the risk involved? Well, ATV (all terrain vehicle) riding might just be an activity that addresses your need.

In a nutshell, ATV in the Philippines is pretty much just like driving a small motorcycle or car insomuch that you have pedals to break and accelerate. Perhaps the biggest difference lies on the kind of terrains you would be driving on. All terrain vehicles are specially designed to function in all types of terrains and seasons. With this in mind, you are sure to have that rush of adrenaline. Indeed, while a semblance of risk is involved in ATV riding, it is a calculated one. More importantly, if you invested in a set of appropriate safety gear, the chances of anything untoward happening to you are pretty much mitigated. In any case, if you needed more compelling reasons as to why you should try ATV riding at least once, take a gander at the list below:


It takes camping up a notch

If you have been camping for a while, it can feel like you have been doing exactly the same thing every single time insomuch that the monotony of it all tends to take away the fun of camping itself. Forget about doing scavenger hunts, stories and songs around the campfire and take it up a notch by injecting a bit of fun into it. Go ATV riding instead and bring them with you. Explore the wilderness with your ATVs and you are guaranteed to have an even better time scouring the woods than you would have been had you been simply on foot.


It beats expensive vacations

Sure, expensive vacations can mean a lifetime of memories, little trinkets and souvenirs from your trip. But after it ends, what are you left with? More importantly, kids tend to get a little restless and fidgety when you are traveling by always asking where you are going next and if you have arrived yet. Instead of taking another fancy vacation, why not take yourself and your family on an ATV ride instead? ATVs can be a medium for spontaneous adventure and fun where all you would need in is simply to hop in, find a good terrain and be on your merry way.


Great exercise

This might have escaped your notice but ATV riding actually makes for a very good exercise. While some might think of it as a bit of a stretch to compare it with lifting weights and going for a run, it does get your heart pumping. More importantly, it works your muscles as you have to be tight so as to have better control over the vehicle.



ATV riding is an incredibly liberating activity for many. In fact, it is an avenue for stress-relief by some. With everything that is currently happening in your life at the moment, it is imperative to stop and focus on the now. If you feel locked and have lost motivation in your work or just need a little dose of inspiration, simply going through the woods on your ATV would help you feel free. It would help you relax and get rid of anything that might be bothering you–at least for the time being.


Better than therapy

Sometimes, you just need a good outlet for your frustrations. Unfortunately, everyone is different and sometimes, it takes more than just talking within the four walls of a room to feel better. Maybe what you need is a healthy dose of adrenaline rush–one that takes you to see the sights, enjoy the beautiful landscapes while feeling the air against your skin. Indeed, ATV riding is an excellent way to feel rejuvenated.

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Movie Magic: Four Modern Innovations that Changed the Way We Watch Modern Films

“I intend more of a kinship with silent films than more modern film. I like the old cinema. My films are more of a hybrid—a different style of filmmaking to what I call talking head movies. Some people do not get it–especially the more academic types.” –George Lucas

With the rise of video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, IFlix and the like, it is any wonder why anyone would still go to the cinema nowadays.

Personally, I find it more satisfying to enjoy a film in the midst of strangers and in a darkened chamber rather than in the confines of my bedroom or living room. To me, it just gives cinematic releases a more authentic feel and would elevate the entire experience. Not to mention that there is just something about movie theater snacks that would make the film even more appealing—but hey, maybe that is just me. In any case, there is still so much truth in the fact that the film industry is somewhat declining nowadays as people rarely bother going to the movies. Apart from the rising prices of movie tickets, people seem to find it more convenient to wait for it online to watch and in the confines of their home rather than get out of the house. However, before we get to all that, one should know that back in the day, movies were enjoyed differently. In fact, if there is one industry in the world that has been expansively affected by technological changes, it is none other than film. After all, just compare the effects of movies decades apart and you would see just how far we have come. Apart from that, mechanical and digital innovations have influenced everything from equipment to distribution which changes how films are made and the manner in which we consume them.

In this regard, we should be able to appreciate today’s films better seeing as the art of perfecting them was a long process. So, before checking Solenad Cinema schedule, you might be interested to know these little technological tidbits that made movies the way they are now. You might just not know it, but it would probably make you appreciate the way you enjoy 3D movies viewed in IMAX today.

Movie Camera

Most of us tend to neglect moving pictures which we call films and shows today because we are used to them. Today, they are commonplace but back in the day, a camera that could capture a sequence of photographs into a filmstrip in quick succession was basically nonexistent. The invention did not come to light until the 1800s and without it; we would not have the visual medium that we all enjoy viewing in dark rooms. We might not pay it much heed in films today, but back then, it was said that the audience allegedly ran away from the screen after mistakenly thinking that the events that unfolded on the screen were real.

Synchronous sound

If you are a film enthusiast—even somewhat loosely—you should know that back then, silent films were the thing. In fact, silent films enjoyed a long run before sound could be simultaneously captured to picture. This era was known for over the top slapstick acting as actors had to compensate for the absence of sound. Apart from that, there was also the use of intertitles (titles between shots) and live-music accompaniment to films in theaters which meant that there were obvious limitations in narrative. As a result, complex storylines were basically a nonentity.


Before the introduction of color into films, movies were enjoyed in black and white. This is not to say that there is something wrong with good black and white films—after all, many films filmed entirely in black and white have received accolades. More importantly, black and white films have been shown to provoke an emotional experience in today’s audiences which can elevate the cinematic experience. However, color did change film for the better—not because it gave movies a pop of life and allowed it to mimic life realistically but it segued to better narratives. One such way that color was cleverly utilized was in The Wizard of Oz in 1939 which depicted the film in two segments: black and white in Kansas while Oz in Technicolour.

Green screen

While it might be a bit difficult to believe, early digital compositing started way back in the 1940s with the “traveling matte” process. Essentially, it utilized blank colored walls as backdrops which they would then superimpose images. Screen colors might have changed throughout the years, but the process and the effect have largely remained the same. With this technique, actors would then be allowed to perform “anywhere in the world” without having to be physically there. More importantly, it gave science fiction and fantasy films a better and more authentic film to them.

The internet

Many of you might be confused as to how the internet made it to this list. But no matter how you look at it, there is a grain of truth to it. After all, the internet has drastically changed the way we see and consume movies. Today, most of us would be viewing movies on our phones or from our personal computers. Incidentally, new formats have emerged and resultantly, ways of accessing them (streaming and downloading) essentially shifting the power from the industry to the consumers.

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Seeing the World: 6 Unconventional Ways to Explore a City

If you prefer the architectural wonders of a concrete jungle over the diversity of nature, then you should spend time in a city. You can find several things to do once you find the place that makes you dream and yearn more from life. For instance, you can meet people from different backgrounds. You can see art in unexpected places. You can also feel how the progress of technology transforms the spaces between the streets and establishments. The force of energy is powerful and widespread giving off a youthful vibe to the area.

Explore the City Your Way

Whether it’s a city in the Eastern hemisphere or an urban capital in the West, you can find several things to fill your travel schedule. You can pick between the usual touristy stuff or try unconventional activities that would result in extraordinary tales. If you do decide to take a cultural trip that isn’t a common feat for tourists, then you should check out the ways to explore the city listed below.

1. Shop at a weekend farmer’s market

A trip to the farmer’s market is a must for several reasons. First, it helps you eat healthily. You can stock up on fresh produce and prepare yourself some healthy food while traveling. Next, you support the local entrepreneurs. Most of the sellers in a weekend market Manila or laiki agora (λαϊκή αγορά) in Athens are farmers, beekeepers, or gardeners. They sell the foodstuff and plants they grow. Others sell homecooked meals or processed food such as jams and cured meat. The great thing about shopping in these markets is that you can pay a fraction of the cost to get healthy food. It’s because you can get the products directly from the seller. There is no intermediary involved or transfer expenses to settle.

Other reasons why should shop at a weekend market in the city is the opportunity to get a taste of the local products, meet people, and get a chance to observe how locals deal with their kin. The marketplace is the best location to see how other people deal with each other. You can see them haggle over prices and greet acquaintances. Before getting to the market, keep in mind of its schedule. Some markets are open daily, but they relocate. They don’t occupy the busiest parts of the city during the weekday. Thus, you should think of your travel route early before you set out or your day trip.

2. Visit the library

Instead of looking up the must-visit spots on Google or Pinterest, you can use local resources to plan your travel itinerary. Check out the local library to find resources on the best restaurants, sights, and tourist destinations. A visit to the library is also your ticket for scoring fantastic reads. You can discover local literature that can help you paint a picture of the city and its people. You might even find a new friend who is into books the way you are. Most of all, spending time in the library gives you a chance to survey the aesthetic of the city. The design and structure of a public building demonstrate the flavor and influence of the area. Meanwhile, the maintenance of the building is proof of the extent local government provides to care for its services.

3. Hire a bike

Some travels have the luxury to get a cab to go to places. Others prefer the bus or the subway system. All of those are fine especially if you must follow a strict schedule. However, it doesn’t give you the time to take in everything there is to see. The vehicles move swiftly that you miss out the names of the streets and restaurants that might be worth a visit. When traveling, it’s best if you rent a bike. Biking allows you to move at a comfortable pace. You can stop and move as you please. Its size also makes it easy to pass through narrow streets and alleys. Most of all, it doesn’t use fuel. You can save money on gas when you choose a bicycle over a car.

Besides biking, another way to explore the city is by walking. Getting to places by foot gives you a chance to look at shops and establishments up close. It also helps you save more from your travel fund. Most of all, it’s a form of exercise. If you do decide to walk, be sure to bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Get lodging with a host family

One way to get first-hand knowledge about the ins and outs of the city is by staying with a host family. Staying with a family allows you to find out about the household dynamics of locals. At the same time, you get to experience their hospitality while having a guide whenever you need one. You can also sample local homemade dishes without spending much on restaurant orders. Each day is an adventure when you live with a family especially large ones with a lot of kids.

5. Fulfill your scavenger hunt

If you haven’t tried it before, then you should try doing a picture hunt. During downtime, create a list of things you wish to see. It can be as simple as trees to teacups or ice creams. It can be specific sights to random things you find on the street. The list serves as your goal for the day. The city might have the usual stuff, but the picture hunt can make you see differently. It won’t be dull and boring. You end up with an adventure of a lifetime.

6. Set a theme for the day

Try not to act like the ordinary tourist who would only set their eyes on the cities major attractions. Remember, the city offers a myriad of activities and places to visit. You have to comb through them to find which ones are worth your time. If you don’t have time to go through all of them, you can set a theme that would dictate the places you will visit. You can spend a day hunting down cafes or parks. The areas you plan to explore depends on the theme.

These are six of the unconventional ways to explore a city. Though some of these are common in a few countries, most conservative towns and travelers are still aren’t comfortable with the idea. Traveling is a personal experience. You should do what makes you feel relaxed and excited during your trip and not what others tell you.


Traveling with Tots: Five Excellent Tips When Traveling with Children


“In the end, kids will not remember that fancy toy or game you bought for them; they will remember the time you spent with them.”-Kevin Heath


Traveling with your kids is not exactly a prospect most parents would look forward to.

After all, family road trips do not get a bad rep for nothing. More importantly, kids tend to have even shorter attention spans than their adult counterparts insomuch that they get bored easily and would incessantly nag their parents and ask whether they have arrived yet or not. Apart from that, it does not help that more often than not, you and your kids would be cooped up in a van for what would be a three-hour ride (or less, if you are lucky) at the very least. Indeed, from all these, it can be very easy for your little tots to get on your nerve and you would then begin to question why you even had this idea in the first place.

However, do not fret. Road trips do not necessarily need to be terrible and at the very least, they can be fun for everyone as well. However, you do need to be adequately prepared for the trip ahead to ensure that everyone will have an equally good time. So, if you have long been planning to take a day trip to Sandbox, Pampanga or elsewhere with your little kids in tow, here are some things you ought to keep in mind:

Include your kids from the start

Allow your kids to pick out a destination from a list of pre-selected places you have been thinking of going to. If you gave them the liberty to choose where you go, they will be far more receptive to helping you in planning the trip and will be a lot more excited about it because they are a lot invested in the process. Be sure that the list of places you are considering of having them choose from already have your prior approval so that your kids would not randomly think of a place you could not afford or make a trip to go. For trips that are already pre-planned, include your kids by asking them which stops they would want to take along the way. No matter how big or small, making them feel like a part of the planning process would psyche them up for your upcoming trip.

 Start a savings account

If a projected trip is going to last you for days, it would be wise to start saving for it. Anticipate what your expenses would be and have an account ready for that trip specifically. In this way, you would be a lot less stressed about how you would be spending for it and would be able to enjoy it instead with your family.

Make sure a parent sits with the kids every now and then

If you are traveling with your spouse or partner, it would make sense to take turns in driving and keeping the kids company at the back. In this regard, kids would not be causing too much ruckus at the back of the car and are less likely to misbehave owing to a parent’s presence. Furthermore, the parent sitting with the kids might serve as entertainment and comfort to the younger kids and if they are happy, everyone will be happy and a lot less stressed.

Start planning

To mitigate the likelihood of your kids waiting for something to do, start planning your itinerary the day you decide to make the trip. After all, part of what makes a road trip fun is looking forward to what you would do when you get there. So, encourage your older kids to do some research about your destination and ask them if there is anything they want to do or check out. From there, you can then curate a list of sites and activities you want to do. Remember, the earlier you plan, the better chance you will have in getting a reservation. Some places would require advance reservations and may often discounts if you purchase in advance.

Pack smart

One of the things you should keep in mind is not to cram your car with too many stuff lest your kids get cramped in the back seat. Bringing too many things can potentially spell a disaster and might mean your kids would be a lot crankier for the whole ride. Understandably, you would also want to bring enough to entertain your kids or else suffer through your children’s incessant whines and boredom complaints. So, how do you find a happy balance? Well, more often than not, each child would only need one backpack. Mobile entertainment would be enough to keep them hooked for hours and a few games of theirs. Be sure that everything is age-appropriate and leave toys that tend to have children fighting over. Have kid-friendly movies saved and ready in your electronic device in order to keep them still and quiet when they need to be. Make sure that these are downloaded so that you would not need an internet connection just to watch them.


Epicurean Adventures: Five Food around the World Worth Traveling For


“Cooking and eating in a foreign country may be the surest, truest way to its soul.” –Author Unknown


It has been said that there are little things in the world that are far more enjoyable than travel and food.

In fact, it has been widely believed that the best way to get to know a country is to eat your way through it. In this regard, it would be very much understandable why food is such a pertinent aspect in one’s foreign excursions insomuch that there are some travelers who would be willing to make the travel just to sample any foreign cuisine. After all, a single plate would already tell you a story– a single meal a myriad of tales. Eating food in foreign places tends to give us a brief insight into the city’s history and culture and in this regard, it has been said that there are some foreign food items that are not only good for nourishing the body but for the soul as well.

However, while there is much to be said about trying an array of food items in a foreign place, it is also true that there are foreign dishes worth the expense of an airplane ticket. These are the definitive dishes that most tourists would always include in their travel bucket list as these food items do not only give your palate a flavorful adventure but a memorable epicurean experience as well. And although it has always been argued that there is nothing better than the food cooked at home, these are the very dishes that would make your feet itch and leave home for. After all, people do not simply go on food tours such as a food trip in Pampanga if the food was not all that exceptional.

In any case, here are some of the best food offers around the world that would make for an excellent and compelling reason for travel:


Kaya Toast (Singapore)

Singapore is known to be a goldmine of scrumptious food and delectable dishes insomuch that it might just be included in every food enthusiast’s food bucket list. After all, the city of Singapore is known to be a food carnival of all sorts that even the food stalls lining their streets get so much traffic from both locals and travelers. Indeed, food in Singapore runs the gamut from the ever famous Singaporean chili crab to their tasty dim sum staple. However, before you feats yourself on an array of Singaporean food, you might want to start with a lesser known Singaporean food item that is definitely worth coming back for. Before you queue up for Singapore’s more popular food offers, look for the nearest coffee house and try their Kaya toast. You might ask what is so special about this bread that it would merit the first mention on this list. Well, this egg is anything but ordinary as it is essentially bread slathered generously with coconut jam and served with soft-boiled white-peppered eggs that were bathed in soy sauce—all of which are perfect elements to start your day.

Tacos El Pastor (Mexico)

While a serving of tacos is pretty much available in most shopping malls, you would be missing out a lot if you have never tried the authentic ones made from the originators themselves, the Mexicans. This is especially true if you are a big fan of Mexican food and if you are, you should never miss out on the opportunity to eat tacos the way they should be prepared. The streets of Mexico are ubiquitously lined with vendor after vendor selling these definitive Mexican Tacos. What makes them special? Probably because it is nothing like your local Mexican food joint can ever emulate. After all, corn tortillas filled with pork marinated in pineapple juice which is then roasted kebab-style rotisserie is probably nothing like what you had in your local Mexican food joint.

High tea (London)

Although a little bit pricier than what your local Starbucks can offer, having tea and scone in London is very much worth the extra expense. If you can do it at least once, you probably should. There is nothing like sipping on expensive tea with your pinkies up and pairing it with a combination of flour and butter baked to perfection topped with a dollop of the freshest berry jam and the sweetest, richest cream.

Warm Crepes (Paris)

When one thinks of Paris, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind would be baguettes. After all, it seems like this rendition of bread is king when it comes to the city of love. However, do not let baguettes be the sole reason why you would see the beautiful skies of Paris. Traipse down any streets of the city and you would find arrays of food carts selling you crepe with generous spoonsful of Nutella—a must try, definitely and certainly worth booking a plane ticket for.

Pho (Vietnam)

Hailed as one of the world’s best dishes, Pho is that one dish best tasted when prepared by their masters and creators, the Vietnamese. Although pho is typically a soup enjoyed either for lunch and dinner, they are best consumed in the early morning in Hanoi, where it originates from. Eating pho for breakfast means that you can guarantee the freshness of your herbs and the suppleness of your noodles which would emit a mouthwatering aroma. As a result, Pho would not be a gustatory experience, but an olfactory one as well.

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