Buffet Etiquette: Four Ways to Conduct Yourself Properly When Eating at A Hotel Buffet


 “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”-Luciano Pavarotti


In the Philippines, eating at a buffet pretty much mimics the scene of a knight laying siege to a castle insomuch that every food item offered is seen as another enemy soldier to be taken down.

Indeed, grabbing a meal at a buffet may resemble a war zone as more often than not, people are often in fear that the food will be taken away before they even get the chance to sample some of it. In other cases, they are afraid that someone would monopolize all of the buffet’s choice items leaving them to take the crumbs. In this regard, many of the buffet diners are of the belief that they should take more than necessary so as to sample as much food as they think their money is worth. After all, they have already paid a premium just to sample a smorgasbord of scrumptious food, why not take advantage of it to the fullest?

Unfortunately, it is this very mentality and irrational approach that deter many prospective diners from eating at the hotel’s buffet. Hotel guests would be of the belief that other diners would behave in such a way that makes them seem like they have not eaten for days (and in some cases, that might just be true). However, this kind of mentality needs to be put to rest as not only is it incredibly unbecoming, but it increases the likelihood of food wastage from all the uneaten excess food you have taken. So, if you have been planning to visit any hotel buffet soon whether that may be in any of the Pampanga hotels or elsewhere, here is what you need to keep in mind:



Some hotels open their buffets before the food is prepared and served. In this regard, guests can freely seat themselves and get comfortable before they start perusing the food offers of that particular day. However, once the food starts rolling out always remember to never sample any of it until the buffet is officially open. Sure, arrays upon platters might have been set out but until the servers tell you that you can begin eating, do not touch the food. Taking food before the buffet is officially open would only stress out the serving and kitchen staff, so be patient. Once a server tells you that you may now commence your meal or if you see a queue by the tables, then go ahead and fall into line. Remember, status and privilege do not apply here, so do not cut in line and wait your turn.


When a food item is short in supply, do not hog all that is left and just take a piece and then move on. Taking everything that is left is an easy way to annoy those who waited in line behind you and can ruffle the wrong feathers at the buffet station. Relax and go easy on it, chances are it will be replenished within the next few minutes or you can ask the server to bring a serving to your table. In taking food items, never use your own utensils and use the serving spoon or forks provided for the dish. After your done, remember to put the serving utensil next to the platter or chafing dish and never leave it on the hot serving tray as it can get hot and burn the fingers of the person next in line to you.


Eating at the buffet is not a contest of who can pile their plates the highest. With this in mind, do not stress your plates by overloading it with food. Take only what you can finish and go back if you wish to have seconds or thirds. Similarly, you should never take a whole plate of food for others in your table as that runs counter to the idea of the buffet. Apart from being unnecessary, taking a plateful of food for others would increase the likelihood of food wastage as there is a likely chance your company would be getting the dish for themselves as well.

Serving Stations

More often than not, hotel buffets have designated special serving stations that would cook hot meals for guests such as the case of the pasta and pizza station. However, keep in mind that there is a limit to what the attendants can provide. Essentially, they cannot realistically prepare all of your special requests. However, if they are straightforward and uncomplicated, special requests can be accommodated so long as the ingredients are in sight, well-stocked and readily available.


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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Still Book a Hotel as an Accommodation


“Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.” –Oliver Goldsmith


George Bernard Shaw was once quoted to say that the great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life. However, with the myriad of accommodation options available to travelers—all of which are relatively inexpensive in comparison to hotel bookings—it would be no surprise as to why they would opt for the more practical and economical alternative.

Indeed, various types of accommodation come with their own respective advantages and disadvantages. However, hotels remain as a reliable, comfortable, straightforward and easy option insomuch that it might just be the first thing that pops into a tourist’s head when they are scouring for accommodation options. If you have been wondering whether you should stay in one of the Pampanga hotels or elsewhere during your next excursion as opposed to staying in an inn or dormitory, here are some of the reasons why hotels remain to be the best travel accommodations—regardless of where it might be.



Hotels are always known for their exceptional service regardless of how many stars a particular hotel has attained. After all, if you are in the hospitality industry, you would need to capitalize on the quality of service you can render to your guests. Although the types of businesses in this industry run the gamut from extravagant resorts to hostels, you can expect a degree of service from each of them. With this in mind, you would know that you will be in good hands and that you can have a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Worldwide availability

Spontaneity is a characteristic distinct to most travelers. Resultantly, many of them would not plan every detail of their trip and would just end up where their feet might take them. While this might be admirable, it could potentially put them in a travel snag wherein they would not have a place to stay for the night unless they are open to the idea of camping out. Fortunately, hotels are available wherever you might be in the world. Whether you are discovering the nooks and crannies of a major city or exploring the hidden gems of the countryside, you can always be assured by the fact that a hotel would be not too far away. A little caveat though: Hotels in far-flung areas typically do not feature the same amenities and services with the ones found in major cities unless they are run by the same chain.


When you are not out touring the city or exploring any nearby towns, it would be great to spend some time at your accommodation. However, cheap accommodations only have the bare essentials covered such as a room to stay and a place to eat. In some cases, there would not be any restaurants in sight depending on where you are. Staying in a hotel guarantees that you have something to do during your downtime apart from staying holed up in your room. You can either enjoy an afternoon dip in the pool, go for a jog, get a workout in the gym or check out their bars. Moreover, hotels have housekeeping which ensures that you do not have to give a thought about daily chores. From room services, internet access to laundry services, a whole range of services would be available to you. In this regard, relaxation should be the only thing on your mind.

Diverse dining options

Top notch and luxury hotels offer their guests a variety of restaurants that have their own foreign specialties. However, if you do not wish to dine out and would rather stay in, you can have food sent up to you as well.


Most hotels are located in proximity to commercial establishments or tourist areas. In this regard, the possibility of getting lost is mitigated. Furthermore, transport hubs and important sights would just be within your reach and the airport would not be too far away either. If you need directions, you can always ask the trusty front-desk manager for them. Lastly, hotels have shuttle services should you need to go to other areas which would make it easy for you to find your way back to the hotel.

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13 Outdoor Activities to Entertain House Guests

picnic in the park with guests and friends

It’s rare to have visitors come to your home. On the occasions you have guests drop by your house at Vermosa, you always end up going out. You head to the expensive restaurant in the town center. If not, you stay at home and catch up. But, there’s only so much you can talk about in one seating. You run out of ideas and news to share eventually. You’re lucky if they visit you for a few hours. What are your plans if you have them as guests for a week?

When that happens, you’ll need a diversion. You must have a few activities in mind for the restless kids and adults who are looking for adventure. That way, you can separate your unruly visitors from those who want to take some time off. Outdoor activities are a great way to take your guests around town. It’s also one way to get quality time. Use the activities below to come up with activities to entertain guests. You can also do them with your family if you’re feeling stuffy indoors.

  1. Go to a dog park

Bring your guests to a dog park nearby to watch the different pets do tricks and play with their owners. If you have a furry friend, you can take turns walking, and playing fetch. While at it, use your time at the park to talk with other dog owners to get insider tips on how to take care of your pet.

  1. Visit the playground

Don’t let your kids play with tablets or gaming consoles the whole day. Take them to the playground. Most playgrounds are free and open to all. The adults can get their caffeine fix while the kids run around the place. If the playground isn’t available, you can go to an open court. Don’t forget to bring a ball that you will use.

  1. See the animals

You can visit a sanctuary or a preservation area to see some animals. You can look at different species of animals and see how they act when in their natural habitat. It’ll make you appreciate how unique each animal is. You can also visit aquariums and oceanariums if you’re into underwater creatures.

  1. Volunteer at a shelter

Use your spare time to do something good. You can visit a rescued animal center or a place for the homeless. Their families and owners often abandon the people in these shelters. Show your love and care for others by bringing some food or showering them with affection.

  1. Watch the town’s Christmas tree lighting

Most towns come up with different ploys to make their Christmas tree lighting eventful. You should drive to your town center to watch the big tree come to life. You’ll feel twice the excitement for the holidays when you have other people looking forward to the same thing as you are.

  1. Try ice skating

Having to entertain guests gives you an excuse to try out new things. If you haven’t gone ice skating, then you should bring everyone to the ice rink. You won’t feel ashamed of slipping and falling on your butt when everyone is also out of balance.

  1. See a historic site

Don’t be a stranger to your hometown. Know what makes the place unique. Going to different historic sites don’t only help you get you cultured. It also makes you appreciate what your hometown has to offer. Most of all, knowing the story or little details about each place preserves its history.

  1. Build a snowman and have snowball fights

Don’t think that the only thing you can do during winter is to stay holed up in your home. You can still have fun even when it’s freezing. Relive your childhood days and build a snowman. Complete the look with a scarf, top hat, and a witch’s broom. If that’s not your thing, you can divide yourselves into groups for a snowball fight. Be sure to wear thick coats, gloves, and knit hats to protect yourselves from the cold.

  1. Have a picnic in the park

Prepare your favorite sandwiches, snacks, and salads ahead of time. Pack a cooler with a variety of frozen drinks so you won’t have to pack ice. You bring foldable chairs and tables, or you can spread some sheets to sit on the grass. Before heading out, you should check the weather forecast. You don’t want to pack up in the middle of your meal.

  1. Go on a hike

Those who love going out and taking a sweat are sure to enjoy hiking. If you don’t have experience in hiking, you start with beginner trails. That way, it won’t be difficult on your way up.

  1. Fly a kite

Flying a kite requires skill which a lot of people don’t possess. You should invite your family and friends to try kite flying. It’s a great outdoor activity that allows you to de-stress and breathe some fresh air.

Before you invite your guests to outdoor activities, you should be clear about the expenses. Some of the things on the list are free while others require you to spend on materials and entrance fees. Talk to your guests first if they are open to a few expenses before you go over your itinerary.


Staycation Ideas: 14 Activities You Can Do in Your Backyard

outdoor activities for the family

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It almost sem break! Most students are already making plans with their closest friends and best mates. They’re planning a beach trip, elaborate sleepovers playing video games and bingeing Netflix and out of town excursions. They look forward to their time off homework, tests, and projects.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be with their friends to do these things. Some students have to stay at Nuvali home to watch over their siblings while their parents are at work. Others have to guard their house and babysit their dog. Still, other kids want to stay at home with their parents. It’s not a bad thing to spend time with the ‘rents. But if you wish to have a great time during your break from school, here are 14 outdoor activities to do in your yard.

1. Create a theater out of vines and tree stumps

It’s a simple yet fun activity to do with younger siblings. Gather twigs, thick branches, and vines to make a roof. The tree stumps can be your platform or stage to showcase magic tricks and handmade puppets. Use old curtains or sheets as curtains.

2. Transform the shed into a den

If you don’t want your parents hounding you for always bringing your friends in your Cavite townhouse, you can use the shed as your hideout. Bring in some chairs or your old sofa. Install some shelves on the wall if floor space is limited. Use the shelves to store your stereo, books, and other stuff that keeps you and your friends entertained.

3. Have a drive-in movie night

Gather some cardboard boxes and paint over them. You can also allow the children to design their car for the movie night. Get a projector, a white sheet, and prepare a booth for the snacks to resemble a real-life drive-by.

4. Play Twister

You don’t have to purchase the game. You can spray paint circles on your lawn. Then, make your version of the spinning wheel using a bottle and printing out a copy or painting it on the grass.

5. Grow a moss graffiti

Do you want to do something crafty but still be out in the sun? You can write your favorite quote using moss. Moss is fairly easy to grow. It’s also safer to use than spray paint. You can use it on concrete walls, rocks or bricks.

6. Initiate a game of beer pong battleship

Carve out ships using styrofoam. Every time a boat sinks, the player takes a shot. You can use fruit juices instead of beer. That way, kids can join the fun.

7. Create a mini golf course

It’s a shame not to put your yard to good use. Another game that requires a bit of creativity and strategic planning is mini golf. Think of different ways how you can come up with a funky hole. You can create a ramp or use everyday items like plastic cups, books, and soup cans for your backyard golf.

8. Use plants to make a secret passageway

If you have a hedge, you can carve out a passage that is highly useful when you play hide and seek. If you don’t, you can always wait for it to grow until it’s thick enough to trim down.

9. Build an outdoor reading nook

Use leftover wood from a previous project to build a mini fort or a shelter. Make sure it the right size to fit a comfortable seating and a shelf to hold your favorite books. It’s sure to become your favorite place especially when the heat indoors becomes unbearable.

10. Blow out some bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles. Little kids will enjoy running in the yard to catch them. If you want big, long-lasting bubbles, you can add a teaspoon of glycerin for every tablespoon of soap and glass of water. The kids will be amazed to find out they won’t pop out too soon.

11. Play with ropes

If you have a few thick cables and cords, you can use them for making a zip line, a rope bridge or a rope course. It will not only force your body to move. It also tests your knot tying skills. You have to be sure that you tie them, so you don’t come across accidents during activities.

12. Raise some sunflowers to create a fort

Form a circle on the ground. Mark it by adding some soil over the seeds. Diligently watch over them so they would grow healthy. Practice your green thumb and see them turn into healthy plants.

13. Play water balloon pinatas

The game is simple. You need to fill the balloons with water and hang them on branches. Look for a long rod or a baseball bat you can use to hit the hanging balloons. Don’t forget to remind players to wear board shorts or their swimsuits.

14. Attract butterflies

Fill your bird feeder or outdoor fountain with overripe fruit. Butterflies are sure to catch the scent and stick around for days.

Getting bored is not an option even if you are staying at home. There are several things you can do even when you are just hanging at home. Try these 14 backyard activities with your parents, friends or little siblings so you won’t feel the blue during your break.