Gym Etiquette 101: How to Conduct Yourself in the Gym


This summer season with people hitting the swimming pools and beaches at an all-time record high, the people going to the gym to double time on their time and efforts into sculpting their perfect physique are also in droves. However, amidst their unbreakable concentration in committing to having a healthier and better figure, some of them have disregarded even the simplest gym etiquette. It may have missed their noticed or they may think it is fairly non-existent but gym etiquette is very much an essential aspect in showing courtesy to your fellow gym goers as well as make it an overall better experience for you.

So the next time you go to your favorite country club to try out your new exercise regimen, do not forget these few gym etiquette pointers at home.

1.) Wipe your sweat

Working out on different gym equipment and sports facilities while listening to music is the best way to break out a sweat and get our bodies pumping, but unless you are solitarily working out or are in the privacy of your own homes, chances are someone is going to be next to you working out as well. And considering how close some gym equipment are positioned next to each other, you may be unintentionally flinging your body fluids to the person next to you—unintentionally making the experience extremely gross for them. The same goes for leaving your sweat on benches and machines for the next person to wipe. Show some courtesy by wiping up when the sweat is coming down and make sure the gym machines are well and dry for the next person to use.

2.) If you are not working out, do not sit on the equipment

Essentially, you would need breaks in between routines and sets in order for your heart rate and breathing to recover. However, while you are recuperating for a minute or two, be considerate enough to leave the equipment for someone else to use—especially if you would already notice a queue. Resting on the equipment while people are waiting and lining up to use it is just plain rude.

3.) Put the weights back where you got them

This is supposed to be something your mother taught you as a child and something that should be ingrained in you by now. But unfortunately, many gym goers are still guilty of leaving weights wherever for the gym attendant (or worse, the next person using them) to return. You are not only effectively making your gym look like a mini obstacle course but you are making it a very precarious place for other gym goers. The cardinal rule is: If you can lift it out of its rack, then you can definitely lift it back to the rack.

4.) Do not intimidate anyone

Gym goers develop routines all the time which they follow religiously every single time they go to the gym, but that does not mean that other people are aware of this. You may be a regular at your gym (or hey, you may be the brawniest among the people in there) but does not mean you can give someone the stink-eye while they are doing their routine on your preferred machine just because they did not get your memo that they are occupying the equipment for your next set. This is just plain rude and an obvious show of power-tripping. Instead of being all passive aggressive, politely let the person know that you are waiting to use the machine or even better, ask to work in with them when they are resting.

5.) Do not spray perfume

The gym is no place for your cloying scent so spraying your preferred Ralph Lauren perfume or Chanel 5 is definitely a no-no. You will only succeed in making the place an unbearable space for a workout. Imagine mixing in a combination of people’s sweat and your favorite perfume and you may just come with a new and innovative scent called “Eau de yuck”