Five Need-to-Know Tips for ATV Beginners With Quad Cars


Racing atv is sand.


“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”-Nelson Mandela


ATV in the Philippines has been recently gaining quite a following. It is a type of sport wherein people have found themselves developing an interest in. After all, there is nothing quite like the pure exhilaration and the rush of excitement you would feel when you first get on a quad.

In some cases, the rush of being on a new vehicle is too much that you would be tempted to run it like you stole it. However, this is not necessarily a good idea—particularly if you are still a beginner. After all, it is always best to get a feel of the vehicle first before riding it to its full capacity. Furthermore, as you are technically still a novice, it would be best if you took some safety precautions first. So, if you are planning on going on ATV riding this weekend, here are some of the need-to-know basics you ought to keep in mind:



Get to know the quad

If you have recently taken home a new quad, know that the first thing you should do is to read the manual. Unfortunately, like most new car owners, most individuals who own quads would think that manual reading is negligible and not really all that important. However, reading the manual is pivotal to the proper care and maintenance of your ATV. After all, your vehicle is likely a significant investment so you would want to ensure that it is adequately taken care of. You do not have to read it from cover to cover but at least orient yourself to the features of your quad car, the functions, maintenance schedules, and proper break-in procedures.

Inspect and top off all fluids

While taking out your new ATV or quad car for a test ride might seem like a tempting prospect, you should hold that thought until you have already checked the lifeblood of the motor. Keep in mind that most common mishaps which would consequently damage your motor’s internal organs can easily be avoided simply if you took the extra time to check on your vehicle’s motor. Much like how you would routinely check a car if it has enough water, so should you for an ATV. Twist off the cap and ensure that the engine oil, coolant, and differential fluids are all at the proper level.

Tighten Lug Nuts

More often than not, ATVs would be packed tightly into crates when they arrive at your local dealership’s shop. In this regard, no one would exactly know for sure what happens during shipments. In this regard, it would be best if you tighten the vehicle’s lug nuts and torque it well on all four wheels. You do not want to be braving the dirt roads only to have one of the lug nuts coming off which is a potential accident waiting to happen. Besides, it does not take much of your time to tighten them, so take the extra time to do so.

Check the tire pressure

Having enough air in your tires would mean ease of ride. Furthermore, knowing the tire pressure is crucial to the handling characteristics of your vehicle. There are dangerous consequences posed by tires running out of air and if this were to occur to you, facing all kinds of difficulties would be a possibility. However, you should not run with too much air as well as this well lead you to consequently bounce uncontrollably on your quad. While lower pressure might mean that a tire would be easier to puncture, it allows for more traction in softer soils. On the other hand, high pressure would mean higher durability and predictable sliding. However, there is less traction. Your job as an owner is to find the balance between these two. You can always start with the manufacturer’s recommendation and pump in or out air as you wish and as you deem suitable to your riding needs.

Engage the clutch

Engaging the clutch takes no more than a few seconds to do and in turn, would give you a more convenient and comfortable ride. Setting your clutch in the position it engages allows you to pull your clutch lever with two fingers which means your other two fingers can hold on to the grips. In this regard, you can handle difficult terrains better and still have a good grip in your hands.

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13 Outdoor Activities to Entertain House Guests

picnic in the park with guests and friends

It’s rare to have visitors come to your home. On the occasions you have guests drop by your house at Vermosa, you always end up going out. You head to the expensive restaurant in the town center. If not, you stay at home and catch up. But, there’s only so much you can talk about in one seating. You run out of ideas and news to share eventually. You’re lucky if they visit you for a few hours. What are your plans if you have them as guests for a week?

When that happens, you’ll need a diversion. You must have a few activities in mind for the restless kids and adults who are looking for adventure. That way, you can separate your unruly visitors from those who want to take some time off. Outdoor activities are a great way to take your guests around town. It’s also one way to get quality time. Use the activities below to come up with activities to entertain guests. You can also do them with your family if you’re feeling stuffy indoors.

  1. Go to a dog park

Bring your guests to a dog park nearby to watch the different pets do tricks and play with their owners. If you have a furry friend, you can take turns walking, and playing fetch. While at it, use your time at the park to talk with other dog owners to get insider tips on how to take care of your pet.

  1. Visit the playground

Don’t let your kids play with tablets or gaming consoles the whole day. Take them to the playground. Most playgrounds are free and open to all. The adults can get their caffeine fix while the kids run around the place. If the playground isn’t available, you can go to an open court. Don’t forget to bring a ball that you will use.

  1. See the animals

You can visit a sanctuary or a preservation area to see some animals. You can look at different species of animals and see how they act when in their natural habitat. It’ll make you appreciate how unique each animal is. You can also visit aquariums and oceanariums if you’re into underwater creatures.

  1. Volunteer at a shelter

Use your spare time to do something good. You can visit a rescued animal center or a place for the homeless. Their families and owners often abandon the people in these shelters. Show your love and care for others by bringing some food or showering them with affection.

  1. Watch the town’s Christmas tree lighting

Most towns come up with different ploys to make their Christmas tree lighting eventful. You should drive to your town center to watch the big tree come to life. You’ll feel twice the excitement for the holidays when you have other people looking forward to the same thing as you are.

  1. Try ice skating

Having to entertain guests gives you an excuse to try out new things. If you haven’t gone ice skating, then you should bring everyone to the ice rink. You won’t feel ashamed of slipping and falling on your butt when everyone is also out of balance.

  1. See a historic site

Don’t be a stranger to your hometown. Know what makes the place unique. Going to different historic sites don’t only help you get you cultured. It also makes you appreciate what your hometown has to offer. Most of all, knowing the story or little details about each place preserves its history.

  1. Build a snowman and have snowball fights

Don’t think that the only thing you can do during winter is to stay holed up in your home. You can still have fun even when it’s freezing. Relive your childhood days and build a snowman. Complete the look with a scarf, top hat, and a witch’s broom. If that’s not your thing, you can divide yourselves into groups for a snowball fight. Be sure to wear thick coats, gloves, and knit hats to protect yourselves from the cold.

  1. Have a picnic in the park

Prepare your favorite sandwiches, snacks, and salads ahead of time. Pack a cooler with a variety of frozen drinks so you won’t have to pack ice. You bring foldable chairs and tables, or you can spread some sheets to sit on the grass. Before heading out, you should check the weather forecast. You don’t want to pack up in the middle of your meal.

  1. Go on a hike

Those who love going out and taking a sweat are sure to enjoy hiking. If you don’t have experience in hiking, you start with beginner trails. That way, it won’t be difficult on your way up.

  1. Fly a kite

Flying a kite requires skill which a lot of people don’t possess. You should invite your family and friends to try kite flying. It’s a great outdoor activity that allows you to de-stress and breathe some fresh air.

Before you invite your guests to outdoor activities, you should be clear about the expenses. Some of the things on the list are free while others require you to spend on materials and entrance fees. Talk to your guests first if they are open to a few expenses before you go over your itinerary.


Seeing the World: Excellent Reasons to Travel at Least Once a Year


“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain


It has been of no question that travel is an essential outlet for us to take a breather from our perpetual lives. Apart from that, it allows us to reinvigorate our souls and put a pause on whatever present and current worries we might have and in one way or another, it can be seen as an avenue for a momentary respite from our daily grind.

In this regard, we can infer that taking a trip at least once a year would be necessary for optimal functioning. Furthermore, taking a brief break from your year would ultimately culminate to a better productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With this in mind, embarking on a journey at least once a year is an absolute must for everyone–regardless of whether you are in your early twenties or in your fifties. Travel and feed your soul, let it enrich your life and allow you to make memorable experiences. Ltravel-at-least-once-a-yearet it enthrall you and in turn, immerse yourself in the beauty of the world and the diversity of other cultures.

Regardless of what kind of travel plan you have, whether that may be participating in a food trip in Pampanga or something else entirely, you should dedicate time for traveling every single year. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should:


1.) It educates you

No doubt, travel is the best form of education there is. After all, what better way is there to go and learn more about the world than to turn it into a visceral experience itself? In some ways, traveling can offer you a limitless source of knowledge and education that cannot be found within the confines of a library and even impossible to get in a university. Apart from the obvious, traveling teaches you a lot about culture, history, economy, sociology, politics and more importantly, geography. All of these you can learn without ever having to set foot in a classroom.

2.) Allow yourself a break once in a while

If you have been grinding it day in and day out in the office, then you definitely need a well-deserved break. Travel and allow yourself at least that much in a year. After all, as a famous quotation goes, we are not only meant for working and paying bills. So, go ahead and indulge yourself and see beyond the things you are so accustomed to everyday. It does not matter if you have developed an affinity for your job or not, your efficiency will inevitably decline if you do not give yourself some time to metaphorically oil your gears and recharge your batteries. And you can only do all of those through traveling.

3.) It is very possible

Some individuals balk at the idea of traveling once a year thinking that it would put an unnecessary strain on their finances or would eat up too much time in their schedules. However, traveling once a year is very much doable–regardless of how parsimonious you are with your finances or how busy you are in your life. Today, seeing the world is made possible by cheap promo fares and inexpensive alternative accommodations. For this reason, you have absolutely no excuse for failing to travel at least once a year. In this regard, it is also best if you booked your trip in advance to ensure that it becomes a reality. Moreover, airplane tickets are much cheaper if you booked them way in advance.

4.) Relieves stress

One of the best avenues for stress alleviation is through traveling. If you have ever felt like you are swamped with work or are in an endless loop of doing work tasks and chores, then you do need to travel. In fact, a number of studies have stated that one of the biggest advantages in traveling once a year is stress reduction. Call it a momentary reprieve if you may, but if it allows you to relax and let go of whatever is stressing you then by all means indulge yourself to a day trip or two. Traveling relieves stress by allowing you to get away from your daily routine and immersing yourself in a totally new environment. Resultantly, it would reset both your mind and body. Moreover, traveling provides an avenue for optimal functioning and productivity once you get back to work.


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Weekend Getaways: Tips to Keep You Sane When Visiting Amusement and Adventure Parks with Kids

“If you are completely exhausted and do not know how you are going to keep giving this much of yourself day after day you are probably a good parent.”-Bunmi Laditan

We are all well-aware how important spending quality time with our family is. After all, quality time is paramount to fostering a stronger bond with our children and our spouses. Furthermore, it helps us cultivate a better relationship and connection with them. In this regard, we plan weekend getaways with the entire family where we either spend a holiday at the beach or go for something that requires less travel time such as visiting adventure or amusement parks. Unfortunately, while the idea itself sounds whimsical and exciting, having two or more children in tow with you in this
escapade is hardly likely a prospect you would find yourself looking forward to. Children, no matter how delightful and charming they are, are potentially the biggest and most significant source of stress you will inevitably have in this family jaunt should you elect to bring them with you.

No doubt, taking the kids to the adventure or amusement park can be challenging. It will test your perseverance, patience and in some cases your endurance. In fact, some parents might regard you with awe should you endeavor to this feat. Inevitably, you will find yourself at wit’s end trying to control little versions of you and getting them to behave. However, this does not have to be the case at all times. With a little planning on your part, you will find that bringing your kids along would not be as cumbersome as you initially thought it to be. However, do bear in mind that a great deal of patience is required of you—regardless of how well and seamless your plan sounds. In any case, if you are planning to bring your kids to Sandbox Pampanga or elsewhere, here are some of the tips to keep yourself sane:

1.) Buy your tickets online

Whenever possible, always choose to buy your tickets online. Waiting to buy them at the park itself would compel you to queue up and to see as kids have incredibly short attention spans, you would have to resort to creative ways to keep them occupied while you are buying tickets. Should they get bored, they would be more likely to get your nerves. If possible, select a date and buy your tickets online instead. Apart from saving you the hassle of lining up, you may even score great deals and bargains on ticket prices online.

2.) Print a schedule

If you are bringing your kids with you, never head on to a park without a planned schedule. Prepare an outline of activities you wish to do the week before your trip (or at least the night before). In this way, there would not be stretches of free time wherein you and your family will be figuring out what to do next. Furthermore, it gives the entire getaway a sense of cohesion and the transition from one activity to another will be seamless and organized. To know which activities you wish to participate in, check the website the night before your trip and take a gander at the offerings that might be to your fancy. Check out what time certain shows and attractions would be so that you can schedule your day around them. Apart from giving you and your family a sense of direction on the day itself, it also helps you avoid rushing around at the last minute and missing out on certain shows that you or your kids had wished to see.

3.) Print a map

Before you schedule your day, try to see if the park’s website offers a layout of the entire area. Print this out so that on the day itself, you and your family would know where to go. Moreover, having a map helps you identify must-see attractions and which activities you would most likely want to check out and participate in. Apart from that, having a map mitigates the chances of you getting lost. This means you would effectively cut the time walking around and figuring out where to go by leaving you with more time for activities and attractions. While it does not necessarily guarantee your trip would be a success, mapping out your day will reduce the likelihood of your kids throwing tantrums as it effectively cuts down waiting time.

4.) Dress accordingly

Bear in mind that you would be on your feet the entire day. That in conjunction with the fact that you will be watching your kids and probably running after them during the day would constrain you to wear clothes that are both practical and comfortable. This goes for the kids as well. Dress them in bright colors and if possible color-coordinate your entire family so that you can easily pick them out from the crowd.

5.) Stay vigilant

Keep your younger kids by your side at all times. Remember that parks tend to get crowded and your kids are likely to get jostled and mixed in the horde of other patrons. To keep them from getting lost, ensure that you are holding onto them. It would also be helpful to give them a rundown of what to do and where to go should they ever get lost.


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Discover Philippines: Interesting Facts about Pampanga (That is Definitely More than its Cuisine!)


“Travel is rebellion in its purest form. We follow our heart. We free ourselves of labels. We lose control willingly. We trade a role for reality. We love the unfamiliar. We trust strangers. We own only what we can carry. We search for better questions, not answers. We truly graduate. We, sometimes, choose never to come back” –Author Unknown


Regarded as the culinary epicenter of the Philippines (and heralded as the local land of talented cooks and chefs with a unique flair for reinventing local dishes) Pampanga is a province that offers you more than just scrumptious sisig and other Filipino delicacies.

Although it is undeniably that one go-to place for food enthusiasts, Pampanga is also an avenue for unique adventures. Furthermore, the place is replete with historical structures such as ancient churches which make for a riveting retelling of the Philippine saga that took place in the local province. Indeed, the province is deeply entrenched with history and blessed with natural and man-made scenery—so much so that it has something to offer for every individual who might wish to visit.

Living up to its name of being “The Culinary Center of the Philippines, one can also expect a string of homegrown restaurants and cafes that feature some of the province’s known and beloved dishes. These are presented to you by individuals who are proud of their culinary prowess—some of which consider to be a heritage. San Fernando, the capital city is nationally acclaimed for its distinct Easter tradition which involves a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ—an event which tourists from all over the world would come by to witness. However, the crucifixion re-enactment is not the only event that has garnered intrigue and sparked interest. San Fernando is also known for its popular Pampanga Christmas lanterns that are not only gigantic in size but are colorful and would sing as well. There are quite a lot of things to do in Pampanga that it has been considered one of the leading Philippine provinces slated for economic growth. Apart from the colorful history and unique culture, the province is rife with tourist destinations as well as nightlife attractions.



As Pampanga gets a regular influx of visitors to the city each day, you can expect a series of buses plying to the different parts of the province daily from the metropolis. You do not need to worry about strict time schedules either as they usually leave on an hourly basis. If you wish to head towards San Fernando City, look for buses such as Saulog Transit and Victory Liner. However, if Angeles City is your destination, catch a Philtranco bus.


History enthusiasts and culture buffs would be pleased to know that the province of Pampanga has quite a lot to offer them in terms of tourist attractions. Some of the ancient churches one should visit is the San Guillermo Church, Betis, and St. Peter the Apostle Church. Individuals who have a penchant for natural sights would enjoy visiting the Scenic Candaba Swamps and Mt. Arayat. Meanwhile, history and culture aficionados should definitely drop by the Museo Ning Angeles.


As Pampanga is known to be the culinary capital of the country, it would be a shame if you did not at least try some of their most famous food offerings. Apart from giving the iconic restaurant Atching Lilli’n’s a visit and of course, trying the world-famous sisig, you should definitely try some of Pampanga’s more exotic food offerings. If your stomach can take it (and if you have the nerve to try), go ahead and sample Pritong Palaka (fried frogs), adobong balut (sautéed fertilized duck egg), deep-fried camarus (Deep fried mole crickets) and yummy heart beat. Kick your trip up a notch by turning it into a gastronomic adventure. Sure, they might not exactly be food fares that you would normally eat on an everyday basis, but you might find that you actually have the palate for them.


If you like scheduling your trips to parallel festival and event dates, then it is best to know what the events and festivals you can potentially witness in advance. Some of Pampanga’s well-known and beloved events include Ibon Ebon Festival which is held every February 8 through 10. It is dedicated to the Candaba Swamp which would serve as a temporary settlement to a flock of migratory birds from the different parts of the world. If you have a unique interest for our avian friends, you might want to witness this event. Alternatively, you can also opt to witness the Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Festival which falls roughly at the same time on February (usually on the second Thursday). It features events such as hot-air balloon competition, aircraft maneuvers, and a series of other aerial demonstrations.


Indeed, if you want to experience a little bit of everything, try visiting Pampanga, Philippines. In just one trip, you will already experience a fraction of the very best the Philippines can offer—from the food to the activities.

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Discover Philippines: The Five Best Outdoor Activities to Try in the Philippines


“Some people choose activities which give them pleasure, while others seek pleasure in every activity they perform.”-Sukant Ratnakar


A tropical country of all sorts, the Philippines is known and well-regarded to be a holiday destination for thalassophiles who wish to indulge their craving for the ocean and saltwater.

However, while this Southeast Asian country is mostly known (and loved) for its summer capitals, scenic beaches, and picturesque mountainsides, it is also a known destination for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies alike. With the country’s diverse landscape complemented by the dense and lush countryside, it is poised to become Southeast Asia’s next premier thrilling adventure destination. As a result, an influx of foreign travelers and tourists alike can be seen swarming in the country during the summer season. The Philippines plays host to a myriad of outdoor activities with each one promising a different kind of rush. Some would bring you over the edge, or allow you to conquer your fears. Regardless of what it is, each activity would give you a euphoric rush of adrenaline and excitement. With its wide range of activities, you are sure to find one that would cater to your fancy. From the physical activities suitable for kids and adults in the Sandbox Pampanga to jumping off cliffs to beds of water in Cebu, there is quite a lot for you to discover and experience.

Whether you are a meandering tourist looking for your next big adventure or a local who is seeking out new thrills or basically just someone who wishes to get out of their beds and their house, here are some of the outdoor activities in the Philippines you ought to try:



If you are unafraid of heights and cliffs, then mountaineering is definitely an activity you have to try. The Philippines has an abundance of mountain ranges which you can explore and discover. Satisfy your climbing cravings or choose to conquer your fear of heights and deadly cliffs by embarking on a mountain climbing journey. As the Philippines has a lot of beautiful mountains to climb, you need not travel far just to realize that dream. More often than not, you would not even need to book an airline ticket just to indulge your fancy. One good tip before going on this adventure though is to make sure to take a lot of photos when you get there. The spectacular views are breathtaking and one-of-a-kind. Plus, they will definitely make for an interesting addition in your Instagram feed.

Mud Karting

You might want to skip this outdoor activity if you do not wish to get any dirt on your clothes. However, if you are not opposed to getting a little dirty then mud karting is an outdoor activity you might want to try. Indulge the adrenaline junkie in you and ride a dune buggy through an obstacle course full of mud. Just be sure to bring extra clothes though, as no one ever gets out of this activity with their clothes spotlessly clean. Expect to get really really dirty. If you wish to give this activity a try, head on over to the Holy Child School in Santo Nino which is located just outside of Puerto Galera and on the way to White Beach.

Sand Boarding

Sand dunes are not exclusive to the Middle East as the Philippines even has a local rendition of its own. In fact, the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte would rival the ones that can be found in the Middle East. Head on over to Laoag La Paz Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte and engage in this outdoor activity that can be ridden alone or with a companion. Just remember, while you are enjoying this activity it is imperative to keep your mouth shut (No shouting allowed!), lest any sand gets in. So, go ahead and plan that road trip. Pack your bags and bring your hippest shades and go surf on the sand.

Sky Cycling

Available in Davao, Laguna and even in Negros Occidental, Bacolod, Sky Cycling is an activity that requires you to balance your body on a wire cable while being suspended mid-air. To some, the activity might be a daunting prospect, but once you get the hang of it, you would find that it can actually be pretty enjoyable. Furthermore, the resorts offering this activity have gone through extraordinary measures to ensure that the cables are not only safe but stable. So, if you want a different take to ordinary cycling, you might as well try this activity out.


Over the years, ziplining has taken over the country’s adventure scene by storm. In fact, it is highly likely that you and your friends have experienced it at some point in your lives (unless you have an irrational fear or aversion for heights of course). In any case, ziplining can be done not only in the Philippines but in almost every part of the world. However, what sets the Philippines apart is the wide range of choices and places where you can do this activity. Furthermore, the Philippines is known to have the longest zipline in Asia which can be found in Oriental Mindoro. It has been said that the zipline is so long that you would be zipping from one line to another.


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Discover Philippines: Excellent Reasons Why Pampanga Will Be the Next Big Thing in Tourism



“Tourism carries a tremendous potential that must be acknowledged as essential for the future of world heritage. But without proper management, we can easily get out of control.”-Bonnie Burnham

Pampanga, also known as the Philippines’ culinary capital and gastronomic mecca is poised to become the country’s next big thing in tourism.

Scrumptious and delectable aside, Pampanga has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists alike. It boasts of heritage and attractions you should see and also has exciting new developments which you should not miss out on. Furthermore, the province itself is teeming with hidden gems that most tourists do not know of yet so you can be assured that when you visit you can have the place all to yourself. While Pampanga is renowned for its incredibly diverse and vibrant local cuisine as well as its handicraft industry, there is more to this province than its Filipino staple food sisig. Tourists have been arriving by the droves just to see the new developments planned out in the city as well as to reinvigorate themselves with the old treasures and gems located within. As it is only a couple of hours away or so from Quezon City, why not schedule a visit and see what makes this humble province tick and stand out?

A province rich in heritage sites

Founded by the Spaniards in 1571, Bacolor was considered the colonial capital when Manila was under siege and invaded by Great Britain in 1762. A hundred years or so later, the first Philippine President, Aguinaldo situated the seat of the First Republic in Angeles back in 1899. Apart from these, Jose Rizal was also known to visit San Fernando in a train in 1892—the same train station where the Death March ended in 1942. Lastly, much of the landscapes have changed since the eruption of Pinatubo in 1991—the biggest one yet since Novarupta in 1912.

With all these considered, you can truly see that Pampanga has a wealth of history abound. Indeed, the province is teeming with centuries-old ancestral houses and structures—some of which have architectural structures that could marvel those that can be found in Europe. After all, where else can you find a functional church submerged in lahar to Betis, the Filipino rendition of the Sistine Chapel?

A variety of outdoor adventures

While Pampanga is already a progressive province on its own, being here is like being transported to another world—one without pollution and traffic while being offered the convenience and comforts of the city still. Apart from that, you can truly enjoy the countryside ambiance, fresh air, and lush, verdant greenery without needing to travel far. One of Pampanga’s main attractions is the Sandbox located in Alviera where they offer a myriad of city and countryside adventures alike to patrons. Some of its most popular attractions include the country’s first roller coaster zip line and the Philippine’s Giant Swing.

If you have the nerve for it, you can test your skills on the Aerial Walk Challenge or free fall from the 5-story Adventure Tower and more. In any case, your days would certainly not be dull should you ever plan to visit the Sandbox as an abundance of activities would await you while there.

A wealth of cultural experiences

One of the exciting things about Pampanga is that there is almost always a festival happening somewhere. One such festival of particular notice is called Aguman Sanduk in Minalin which translates to Ladle Brotherhood. It occurs every January where straight men celebrate and honor the women in their lives with a cross-dressing pageant. By the time February sets in, locals and tourists alike would prepare themselves for colorful skies during the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival. During the summer and by the time Easter rolls around, San Fernando draws crowds by the thousands comprising of religious devotees, curious onlookers as well as fans of the macabre yearly religious tradition.

Apart from these, there is a myriad more to experience in Pampanga where you would get a sliver of its cultural experience. From food to religious practices, almost everything is celebrated in this province.

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