Must Read for Newbies in Budget Traveling

Given with a little amount of money, what can you do to all-out the fun and enjoyment with your travel? Well, actually there are a lot! Whether you are going for a day tour or three-days-two-nights trip, you can minimize your expenses without compromising the adventures you are out for. For example, if you are going to Cebu, condo out for staycation rent is good. Want more tips? Continue reading:


planning your trip

Draft your itinerary and other plans ahead of time

Every trip needs careful planning. From the flights, resort, and food choices and down to the activities you are going to do. Just remember to leave some time for spontaneity and rest.

Basically, planning ahead of your target travel date saves a lot of time and budget. Hello to Piso sales or seat sales of Airlines and discounts you can get if you book hotels few weeks or months prior to your stay.

And obviously, know how to save money

At the end of the day, you are still going to spend money. You just can’t say “Bahala na” and go on your trip even if you are so broke. Again, traveling requires enough money. Know how to save without compromising your needs.

Consider taking travel and tour packages

Surprisingly there are a lot of cheap travel and tour packages flocking online. If you are going to closely take a look at it, in some offers, you can still save a few bucks if you are going to plan on your own. However, considering that everything is already there usually includes transportation, accommodation, and itinerary, it’s also a good deal. However, some people don’t avail of travel and tour packages for they feel restricted on having their own activities.

Note that to ask for some free time if ever you are going to take travel and tour packages. You need and deserve it.

Read blogs and articles about others’ trip

It is also important to know some tips and reviews from other travelers. They’ve been there so most probably and they have a better grip on what’s with the place you are going to visit. It would be best if you have a friend or someone you can ask who resides in the location you opt to travel to. Ask for some advice and tips. You will be lucky if they allow you to stay in their place. So tipid!


woman jumping into the sea

Set your budget for the day

Know and keep your limits. How much are you going to spend for the meals, transportation, and miscellaneous? You should also keep an allowance or extra on top of your budget.

Don’t be afraid to bargain

We all know that most, if not all, tourist hotspots tend to sell their goods and services way higher than the usual. Some are too much, but others are reasonable. If you can ask for discounts, go ahead. Don’t be too shy to ask but remain to be polite.

Go for carinderia or small food stalls for your meals

Sometimes, you can taste authentic delicacies in not-so-high-end food hubs. Aside from it saves you some money, eating at small food stalls will give you more positive and homey vibes.

Don’t forget to recall all your expenses vis-à-vis the things you’ve done after your trip or right before you leave the place. Make sure all your bags are packed, and nothing’s missing.

There you have it! For sure, you also have a lot of inputs for this topic. Nevertheless, we hope that this short blog was able to give you some clues or ideas for your next travel. True enough – we only live once, so you better make the most out of it. Do not let money matters hinder your way in setting your journey. Wish you all the best of adventures in life!


Let’s Go to Pampanga!

With only a few weeks left before students go back to school and rain to start pouring down heavily (hello, rainy season), let’s go and explore Pampanga. Pampanga is a province in the Central Luzon and bordered by Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, and Zambales. Its capital is San Fernando, and Angeles City is considered to be its highly urbanized first-class city.

So before everything goes back to “normal” and storms come to our country, here are a few places you may visit in Pampanga:

Sandbox at Alviera


Sandbox at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga maximizes the place’s sand-richness by being an outdoor adventure go-to. Experience Giant Swing, Philippines’ tallest swing, Aerial Walk Challenge, Avatar One, country’s first-ever roller coaster zip line, Outdoor Archery, and much more in Sandbox. This adventure place is a joint venture development of AyalaLand and LenioLand.

Sky Ranch Pampanga


If you want some adrenaline rush, go and visit Sky Ranch, which is just around SM Pampanga, and try their 22 rides. Some of the must-try attractions are Bungee Jump, Drop Tower, Loop Roller Coaster,  Space Shuttle, and Super Vikings. There are also child-friendly attractions for the kids who may be too afraid to try those breath-taking rides or maybe they are not yet allowed to ride those. You can also see a giant Ferris wheel known as the Pampanga Eye, only for PHP 150 per ticket!

San Guillermo Church and Betis Church


San Guillermo Church is a well-known tourist destination way before the catastrophic Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991 as this Church is one of the oldest in the country. Also dubbed as “half sunken church,” this Baroque-styled Church at Bacolor Pampanga was built by Augustinian friars in 1546. Because of its beauty, this has been the primary location set of “May Bukas Pa,” an ABS-CBN primetime teleserye.


On the other hand, Betis Church or St. James the Apostle Parish Church is another Baroque-styled Church but in Guagua, Pampanga. This astonishing “Sistine Chapel of the Philippines” is one of the National Cultural Treasures in the Philippines. Betis Church was constructed in 1607 as a dedication to St. James. It was built with concrete materials only 1770 after a few fire broke out within the Church.

Pamintuan Mansion


The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and Angeles City local government led the inauguration of Pamintuan Mansion as the Museum of Philippine Social History last August 25. 2015. This 125-year-old mansion in Miranda Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario hosts different exhibits, collections, and artworks that showcase the daily lives of Filipinos. There is also a music room where you can listen to various songs as old as the one recorded in 1896. Pamintuan Mansion also became Gen.Emilio Aguinaldo’s headquarters when the seat of the government was moved from Cavite to Pampanga during the battle against the United States.

Pinatubo Museum


This educational museum was pioneered by the Center for Kapampangan Studies of Holy Angel University to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. You can see a mural timeline dating the history of Mt. Pinatubo years and years ago until its disastrous eruption on June 15, 2991. Pinatubo Museum is open to the public Mondays to Fridays.

Nayong Pilipino Clark


One of the classic destinations for tours and field trips, visiting Nayong Pilipino will give you a quick cultural and historical tour of our country. This 45-acre amusement theme park homes miniature versions of different iconic Philippine wonders. So if you don’t have the luxury of time and an enormous amount of money to visit all the marvels of our country, you can still see them in Nayong Pilipino Clark. You can also see an exhibit of Malakas and Maganda, an old Philippine legend on how the human race started, mini versions of different Filipino tribes’ villages, and replicas of some of Filipino heroes’ houses.


Choosing the Appropriate Running Shoes for You



Running shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

And no pair exactly comes the same.

However, neophytes new to running activities commit the novice mistake of donning on whatever shoes they can get their soles on and use that for running events. However, this often overlooked mistake can be the determining factor between your win or your loss. Choosing appropriate running shoes do not only come in two facets such as how stylish it is and the size it comes. No, when you are choosing the right shoes for you, you need to consider your very specific needs. For greenhorns, these are things they neglect to consider while regular running pundits regard these aspects as their very reason for choosing a pair of running shoes. Your specific needs include things like your weight, your biomechanics, the shape and not just the size of your feet and the very surfaces you run on (It is very different to be running on terrains and using shoes designed for the gym or Crossfit workouts). Taking all these into consequence would essentially mean that what may be a good pair for you might be a terrible pair for others.
So if you are looking to buy yourself your first pair of running shoes, consider the things below before making a purchase.


Road Running Shoes are the shoes you wear for forays onto surfaces with slight irregularities. They are usually light and flexible and are made to stabilize and cushion feet during repetitive strides on hard and even surfaces.
Cross Training Shoes on the other hand are shoes gym goers and Crossfit enthusiasts prefer. There is occasionally more contact with the ground so this is much more appropriate than going for shoes with a thick platform sole.
Trail Running Shoes are running shoes that are specifically designed for off-road routes and uneven ground, usually littered with rocks, mud and other sorts of obstacles. These shoes are equipped with aggressive solid traction and is enhanced to offer better stability, support and underfoot protection.


Stability Shoes

These shoes are perfect for runners who tend to demonstrate mild to moderate overpronation when running. The design usually includes a firm “post” in order to reinforce the arch side of each midsole–an area mostly impacted during overpronation.

Neutral Shoes

For mild pronators, these shoes can be appropriate but this pair is best for neutral runners who tend to roll outward as it provides shock absorption and some medial support as well. Choose super-cushioned shoes that provide more cushioning than any other traditional shoes for greater shock absorption.

Minimalist Shoes

These shoes feature extreme lightweight construction. It offers little to zero arch support in order t encourage a natural running motion and a midfoot strike all the while still offering cushioning and flex. There are minimalist styles that offer stability posting to assist the overpronating runner transition to a barefoot running position.

Motion Control Shoes

These shoes are ideal for runners who demonstrate moderate to severe overpronation. These pairs come with features such as stiffer heels or a design built on a straighter which would counter over pronation.

Choosing the right pair of shoes for your next running event need not be a grueling task if you have carefully considered your specific needs. A few tips to make sure you get the best and most appropriate shoes for you is to try shoes at the end of the day as this when your feet is at its largest considering the day’s activities (This will ensure you do not buy shoes that are too small). And if you do wear orthotics, bring them along as they also impact the fit of a shoe.

Lastly, when choosing shoes, you do not need to conform to your gender, males can buy from women’s shoes if they find that they have a narrow pair of feet while women can buy from men’s shoes if they find they have a larger or wider foot.


Games You can Play with Frisbee




Lightweight, handy and can easily fit into any bag, the Frisbee has been making waves ever since its early inception.

Tossing a disc towards another individual has never been a more satisfying and enjoyable activity. The fact is, Frisbee Philippines has been on the rise and has been making its prominence known recently among sports enthusiasts and health buffs. It is a great way to tone your muscles, improves your health and is an overall fun activity.

Additionally, this is one of the fun go to games when you are planning to hit the beach. It does not need so much equipment apart from the flying disc and it is portable. However, your Frisbee is more versatile than you originally thought, and that nondescript flying disc in your possession carries a multitude of activities you can do. Sure, the traditional way of throwing a flying disc back and forth may be a fun and enjoyable game, there are a lot more entertaining ways that employ and utilize a Frisbee. This can range from casual to complex, a two-man game to a team sport.

Looking for ways to spice up your activities with the flying disc? Read on below.


If you are one of the fortunate people who lives in the vicinity of a vast and lush lawn near you, then Frisbee Golf is one of the games you can play using a Frisbee. Given the moniker “frolf” or disc golf, this game shares the same aspects with regular golf with the obvious exception of utilizing Frisbees instead of golf balls and holes are replaced with baskets. The mechanics of the game are fairly easy as the objective of the game is to get the disc inside the basket in as few tosses as possible.

You can easily make your own makeshift course as well, and this is possible in any empty lot. Just fashion a basket out of pail or an unused laundry basket. This game can be played with as many players as you want with players taking turns on one disc.


This is pretty straightforward as the rules and mechanics are similar to regular bowling. Prop up a set of lightweight bottles that can easily be knocked over by a Frisbee and commence target practice. Aim and then hurl your Frisbee towards the targets. The beauty of this game is that there are so many diverse ways to play it such as switching up the rules to declaring the winner as the one who tossed the least number of times to knock the entire set or considering the winner as the one who knocked the most bottles in one throw.


This is also known as Guts. Have two teams on a court akin to a dodgeball-like court. Each team would have a thrower that would throw the Frisbee into the other team’s court. Should the Frisbee land out of bounds, the defensive team earns a point and if the defensive team fails to catch the Frisbee, the offensive team scores a point. If the defensive team catches the toss then neither team scores.


When you do not have a set of pals to play Frisbee with, enlist the company of your best animal friend and pet. Dogs enjoy a game of Frisbee as it is very much similar to “fetch” or “catch”, they enjoy it as much or even more than their owners. Obviously, the Frisbee would be the accessory utilized in playing this game in lieu of a ball, and it can also serve as a makeshift dish for whenever your pooch is ready to have a water break.


There are so many various ways to play with a Frisbee, and though the classic and traditional approach never gets old, it never hurts to incorporate new ways to play as well. So on a bright and sunny afternoon, gather some friends and bring out your flying discs then get playing!


Four Outdoor Activities For Weight Loss



Ti’s the season to be round, fat and jolly.

And if anyone asked me, what I am getting for Christmas they will be given a very straightforward answer: Fat. This holiday season, I am getting fat! I know that this much is true considering how much we gorge on party food during various soirees from office Christmas parties to get-togethers and Noche Buena with the family. However, roughly three months after that and we are officially in summer season giving you barely enough time to prepare for the bikini season. Sadly, most of us have still retained our holiday fat and flab. This is a disappointing reality. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case for the next year.

As early as today, draft your resolutions for 2016 and make an irrevocable pledge in achieving a healthy weight loss and do make sure you do just that. However, instead of enrolling yourself in your local gym for a couple of months or so, why not diversify your weight loss routine? Muscles and toned bodies are not all manufactured at the gym after all. Consider trying various ways into inserting a bit more flavor and spice to your weight loss regime and one way to do that is to immerse yourself in an outdoor activity that you are comfortable with. By losing weight this way, you are guaranteed not only of a workout but a fun activity you can enjoy as well.

Finding one that will suit you would not be too hard considering that outdoor activities in the Philippines are rather abundant recently.

Unsure what these activities are? Well, take a look at the list below and get some ideas from the examples.


This is not only an effective weight loss activity, but it serves the dual purpose of you achieving your weight loss plan as well as conveying you from one place to another. Instead of taking spinning classes, try cycling instead and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. With cycling, time passes much faster and when in terms of effort, it tends to feel easier to do due to the easy distraction you have with the scenery. Cycling outdoors tones your glutes, quadriceps, shins, hamstrings and calves better than indoor cycling.

Approximate calories burnt: 240 calories and even more in endurance biking such as mountain biking.


Why lose weight alone when you can do it together with friends? Enjoy a scenic view and an enjoyable morning with friends playing this awesome full body workout. Beach volley targets and tones the arms, shoulders, abs as well as the legs and if that is not enough to entice you into trying this out then perhaps the beach will. The workout you do while playing a round of beach volleyball is quite expansive and inclusive as it constantly encourages you to move while utilizing many workout routines such as squatting, diving, jumping, etc. Additionally, the movement is done on sand which makes it more difficult and would definitely boost your calorie burn even further.

Approximate calories burned: 290 calories–equivalent to running at 5mph.


Here’s a workout that you can easily do without having to worry too much about the gear. If you just have the appropriate running shoes, then you are all set. Much like cycling, running allows you to enjoy the surroundings while burning calories simultaneously. If you choose an uneven path, you will give your muscles a harder workout which means along with the wind resistance, you are burning more calories. Diversify and increase the difficulty of your run by choosing routes that incorporate uphill and downhill terrains to stimulate as many muscles as you can.

Approximate calorie burn: 290 calories at a pace of 5 mph.


Not exactly groundbreaking neither new, but one you have might have been neglecting all your life. Instead of taking the car or the cab to a nearby place perhaps traipsing on concrete might be the healthier alternative for you. Walking may be the best outdoor activity in this list as it does not need any sports gear at all and is possible to do at any given time and anywhere. If you are not big on running then, consider this as another alternative.

Approximate calorie burn: 135 calories for brisk walking


How To Prepare For Your First Triathlon


So, you have decided to join your very first triathlon event but you are quite unsure what it entails.


Biking, swimming, and running—each of those three activities is already an endurance workout by themselves, but doing all three together is an extreme feat. This is one event that tests the boundaries of your strength, endurance as well as your patience. Attempting to join a triathlon event does not only require a physical preparation but a mental one as well and signing up for it requires deep contemplation as well as sufficient preparation on your part. Signing up aside, there is also the matter of adequate training, having the right gear and equipment to compete.

Registering for the event is only half the battle, the real challenge lies within the arduous day to day training and mental preparations you are about to undertake before the triathlon event.

If you are a first timer, there are a lot of things for you to consider before even thinking of signing up. To get a glimpse of how you should be adequately prepared for the event, this article will walk you through various tips and guidelines.


Essentially, to complete a triathlon event, all you would need is a pair of running shoes, a bike, and a swimsuit. Though it may seem that easy to gear up, you might be compromising your performance as well as your safety if you do not choose the best and appropriate equipment for you. Registering for triathlon events may be costly but having the right gear is even more expensive but rightly so. You do not want to pedal down a steep hill only to have your bike give up on you at the last minute or have your shoes break down in the middle of your sprint. Consider having the best quality when joining events such as these as they will complement your performance during the race.


Ideally when joining triathlon events, it is best to get coached before the race day. You might have joined competitions and activities similar to triathlon events before but nothing beats the sage advice of someone who has competed in a triathlon before. Choose a coach who has competed in a triathlon before, they can give you better tips, strategies, and advice in finishing the race. Additionally, they can give you a firsthand account of how the entire experience feels so that come big event, you will be more at ease.


For triathlon events, executing a freestyle stroke is best as it is the most efficient stroke for quick movement in open water. However, do not be surprised when you are easily winded after the first fifty yards when training. Swimming might be something you might be familiar with, but form might be an obstacle for those who are not too familiar with water. But this is easily remedied with a variety of drills which includes side kicks to work on rotating the body and breathing, one arm stroke and catch-up drill to single out and correct form for each arm. For arm strength and endurance, do laps with a buoy between the legs. And lastly to build up your leg strength, hold onto a kickboard and start kicking.


Some may find biking relatively easy compared to the two other activities involved in triathlon events, but consider that biking for competitive purposes is widely different and can even be nerve-wracking. To begin, start by getting used to your chosen bike and its different gears. Find out which gears makes pedaling easier for you while taking your bike out for a ride out in the streets and observe how sensitive your brakes are. For triathlons, clipless pedals are ideal and preferable as it allows you to waste less energy as you are getting power when you push down and pull up on the pedals causing your speed to increase. This might be a little intimidating for first-timers, but with practice it is manageable.


While you might think that running a mile is an easy feat, you might feel different after you factor in the exhaustion that comes after swimming and biking. After two grueling activities, keeping one foot ahead of the other in succession is a lot more challenging but with sufficient training, this can be accomplished. Consider that this is where you can make up for wasted time in transitions or during the other portions of the race. Ideally, training for running is to spend at least one session practicing your transition from one activity to the next, whether it would be swimming to biking and then biking to running. This is endurance training for your legs, and it is best to do them while they are still exhausted from the biking or swimming.





If you have stuck to a training regimen, adequately geared up and sufficiently trained then you will be prepared as you can be on the race day. It might be overwhelming and intimidating to finally be in the starting area during the race day but with sufficient training, you will be okay. Remember to get there early so as to calm your nerves before the race starts and lastly, be positive and have fun. Essentially, your goal is just to finish as that is already a worthy accomplishment in itself,


Top Reasons Why You Should Bike Instead of Drive to Work

Before we badgered out folks to teach us how to drive a stick shift car, all—if not most of us were itching to get on our very first bike and start learning how to drive a bicycle. We endlessly pleaded, bargained and negotiated to be taught how to get on a bicycle and traipse around the neighborhood in our two-wheeled vehicle. And until then, we have enormously neglected the many benefits associated with biking.
In the Philippine setting, most people would rather commute or drive to and fro from work. People seem to be under this erroneous impression that biking is saved for the staunch advocates of health and fitness activities that are in search for the best biking trails in the Philippines. With people’s perpetually busy lifestyles, rarely anyone has the time, opportunity nor the energy to bike to work. But with gas prices at an all-time high, you might just consider investing on your first bike as your primary vehicle. Apart from the obvious health benefits biking has, you would be doing our country favor you by significantly decreasing traffic and car-clogged roads in your daily commute.

Pecuniary reasons aside, there are so many reasons why you should drive a bicycle to work in lieu of a car, here are some of them:


It is a given that trading your car for a bike would be helping the environment vastly. Not only will you be saving money on gas, but this greener choice would mean your car would not have to guzzle gallon after gallon of gas thereby conserving resources. Additionally, you would be contributing to a cleaner and fresher air as biking significantly reduces air pollution.


Apart from the obvious that cars are significantly more expensive than even the best top of the line bicycles (never mind that you would be saving a lot of gas money as well), you would be saving more money when you invest in a new bicycle rather than maintain an old car. Old cars would need to be properly maintained yearly, and when you accumulate those expenses, you would have discovered you just spent a small fortune. For a well-made bicycle that, mind you, would outlast most cars, you would only need a few accessories for rain gear and lights which would make it practical for any season.


Cycling, by itself, already holds innumerable health benefits, but the biggest highlight of these health advantages is that you would be engaged in a very effective cardiovascular activity—one which your heart will be thanking you for. Depending on the bike trail or your riding style, you could easily burn six hundred calories through brisk cycling in an hour. Bike commuters have reported losing 15-20 pounds just in their first year of biking—even without changing their eating habits.


As bikes are significantly smaller compared to cars, finding a parking spot will no longer encumber you especially if you are in a rush. It can easily be plopped anywhere and with the right security gear, you can keep it safe as well. Alternatively, there are also some foldable bicycle designs which would allow you to carry it with you should you want to keep a closer eye on it.


I am not talking about the crazy antics some motorcycle and bicycle drivers practice. No, I am talking about breezing through a gridlocked traffic on rush hour and getting to your destination twice as fast than if you are stuck in traffic. With the Philippines growing more populous each and every year, it is inevitable that more people would be making their morning commute and clogging the roads. To avoid getting stuck there during the morning or evening rush, opt to take the bike instead.

So there you have it, the top reasons why you should be cycling instead of driving. Visit your local bike shop today and ditch the four wheels for a two wheel ride.