Four Reminders and Tips to Enjoy a Day at Sandbox


Alviera has an attraction which is aptly termed as an adventure park called the “Sandbox”. Located in Pampanga, Porac, this park promises to offer something for everyone—children and adults alike. The Sandbox is considered as a popular destination particularly during the summer season where patrons would arrive by droves and to keep things fresh and interesting, there has been a vastly increasing number of fun activities added to it regularly. Indeed, the Sandbox caters to a wide array of individuals as travel junkies, adventure enthusiasts, kids and kids at heart would all find something enjoyable to do while there. However, keep in mind that to fully appreciate and enjoy your experience, you need to take a few precautions as well and know a few reminders. After all, safety should be a priority in order to have a fun time in this park.

So, if you are planning on visiting the Sandbox, here are a few reminders you should be aware of:

1.) Constantly hydrate

The Philippines is considered as a tropical country. As a consequence, we would be experiencing humid weather conditions. However, in the summer, the heat can be incredibly unbearable—especially at particular times of the day. While living in this country has made us learn to adapt and enjoy the summer even through the scorching heat, it does not mean we should be any less cautious when enjoying a day out in the sand. The Sandbox is an area located smack right in the middle of flatlands. This means the place is without trees or plants that could possibly absorb heat. Considering this, it can get hot pretty fast. Furthermore, you can only enjoy the place when the sun is up as it would hardly be feasible for any of their themed adventures to be open at night or when it rains. The activities in the park are mostly done out in the open air and under the scorching sun. So, with this in mind constantly hydrate, apply sunblock and wear cool and breathable clothes.

2.) Choose your adventure

There is a separate fee of seventy-five pesos for the entrance while the array of activities you can do inside would have their own fee. The Aerial Walk would cost P150 per head, P100 for the Giant Swing as well as the Free Fall, P50 for the Rappel Walk and Wall Climbing. Roller Coaster Zipline, Mini Gold and ATV would set you back P2,500 for each activity. So, before you set foot in Alviera, it is best if you already have an idea of what you want to do. So, en route to the place, begin planning the adventure you want to experience. If you are on a budget, it might not be possible to check out all rides so choose wisely.

3.) Safety first

The Sandbox is known for taking safety very seriously, but that does not mean you should not take any safety precaitions of your own. Before riding any of the rides or taking part in any of the adventures offered, know the safety guidelines first. If you are unsure of anything, ask the staff for assistance and if you need any clarification, ask them as well. Lastly, remember to wear closed shoes as it is not only advisable, but necessary. Remember, you are going to be roughing it and you are not likely to be playing pretty so keep your feet adequately protected.

4.) Prepare for a long drive or commute

The Sandbox is located in Pampanga which is not exactly a short drive away from Metro Manila. Although you can commute to the place, there is hardly any passing jeepney or other public utility vehicles in the area. People who are taking their own private cars should prepare for a long drive so it is best if they got adequate sleep the night beforehand.

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Top Things to do In the Philippines this Summer


The summer heat is definitely on.

This is the season where people sweat a bit more profusely in the afternoons, dress a little too lightly or a bit less than they used to, feast on cold fizzy drinks or cold food and frequent the beach more often. It should be no surprise to you if you see your co-workers waltz into their cubicles sporting a brand new tan. It is, after all, the summer season—that one season wherein people could not help but be ambivalent whether they are thankful for the summer heat, or are seething about it. However, they would all agree that this is the best season to enjoy the best outdoor activities in the country as no other season would offer you this equal opportunity of basking in the sun and enjoying the various outdoor activities.

So if you are planning an epic summer getaway, do not book your tickets for abroad just yet and enjoy the multitude of summer events you and your family or friends can enjoy this season all within the Philippines. Get your pen and paper at the ready and be sure to include some of the most epic adventures you are about to have as we have listed down below.



Without a doubt, the Philippines is teeming with lush wild forests, tropical beaches and scenic sights—all of which you can behold from different areas of the archipelago, or even from the comforts of your own home. Do a bit of research about your local area and discover which tourist spots have newly cropped up or you have neglected to check out over the years and visit that particular place. If you have likely discovered most of the scenic sites and tried all the things there is to do in your local area, go discover some of the local tourist spots in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and translate to real life what you have seen and researched.



The Philippines is very well known for being a tropical paradise filled to the brim with a multitude of white sand beaches with a plethora of marine life within them. And they are all waiting for you to discover them. Cool yourself off from the summer heat and book a trip to the nearest place with the best beaches and immerse yourself in the sights and soak your feet in saltwater and bury them in white powdery sand. Some places that offer you an array of beautiful and scenic beaches are: Boracay Island, Aklan, Palawan, El Nido, and Puerto Galera.



Summer is the best time of the year to engage in outdoor activities and fortunately for us, the Philippines plays host to a multitude of diverse activities. Different local destinations have their own corresponding activities: You can have a few rounds of gold in the various golf courses around the country, swim with the gentle giants known as whale sharks in Cebu, go surfing in Baler, Aurora, go trekking in Mt.Apo—the possibilities are endless and this is the best time to try some of them.



Seeing as the Philippines plays host to a rich and abundant marine life, it is no question that we would be considered as Asia’s Dive Capital. Whether you are a novice or a professional or just an individual looking for a little underwater adventure, discover the country’s best diving spots that hold a prolific and expansive collection of marine creatures. Visit some of the country’s known and best dive spots such as Anilao, Puerto Galera and Boracay for an underwater experience you truly will not forget.




More often than not, we have neglected to discover and appreciate all the natural wonders our hometowns have to offer us. This is largely attributed to the fact that we are all leading perpetually busy lives that we have forgotten or overlooked the fact that we have a superfluity of activities to do just around us. This summer season, rediscover or discover them all and give yourself a treat by immersing yourself in the local wonders of your hometown.

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