Traveling with Tots: Five Excellent Tips When Traveling with Children


“In the end, kids will not remember that fancy toy or game you bought for them; they will remember the time you spent with them.”-Kevin Heath


Traveling with your kids is not exactly a prospect most parents would look forward to.

After all, family road trips do not get a bad rep for nothing. More importantly, kids tend to have even shorter attention spans than their adult counterparts insomuch that they get bored easily and would incessantly nag their parents and ask whether they have arrived yet or not. Apart from that, it does not help that more often than not, you and your kids would be cooped up in a van for what would be a three-hour ride (or less, if you are lucky) at the very least. Indeed, from all these, it can be very easy for your little tots to get on your nerve and you would then begin to question why you even had this idea in the first place.

However, do not fret. Road trips do not necessarily need to be terrible and at the very least, they can be fun for everyone as well. However, you do need to be adequately prepared for the trip ahead to ensure that everyone will have an equally good time. So, if you have long been planning to take a day trip to Sandbox, Pampanga or elsewhere with your little kids in tow, here are some things you ought to keep in mind:

Include your kids from the start

Allow your kids to pick out a destination from a list of pre-selected places you have been thinking of going to. If you gave them the liberty to choose where you go, they will be far more receptive to helping you in planning the trip and will be a lot more excited about it because they are a lot invested in the process. Be sure that the list of places you are considering of having them choose from already have your prior approval so that your kids would not randomly think of a place you could not afford or make a trip to go. For trips that are already pre-planned, include your kids by asking them which stops they would want to take along the way. No matter how big or small, making them feel like a part of the planning process would psyche them up for your upcoming trip.

 Start a savings account

If a projected trip is going to last you for days, it would be wise to start saving for it. Anticipate what your expenses would be and have an account ready for that trip specifically. In this way, you would be a lot less stressed about how you would be spending for it and would be able to enjoy it instead with your family.

Make sure a parent sits with the kids every now and then

If you are traveling with your spouse or partner, it would make sense to take turns in driving and keeping the kids company at the back. In this regard, kids would not be causing too much ruckus at the back of the car and are less likely to misbehave owing to a parent’s presence. Furthermore, the parent sitting with the kids might serve as entertainment and comfort to the younger kids and if they are happy, everyone will be happy and a lot less stressed.

Start planning

To mitigate the likelihood of your kids waiting for something to do, start planning your itinerary the day you decide to make the trip. After all, part of what makes a road trip fun is looking forward to what you would do when you get there. So, encourage your older kids to do some research about your destination and ask them if there is anything they want to do or check out. From there, you can then curate a list of sites and activities you want to do. Remember, the earlier you plan, the better chance you will have in getting a reservation. Some places would require advance reservations and may often discounts if you purchase in advance.

Pack smart

One of the things you should keep in mind is not to cram your car with too many stuff lest your kids get cramped in the back seat. Bringing too many things can potentially spell a disaster and might mean your kids would be a lot crankier for the whole ride. Understandably, you would also want to bring enough to entertain your kids or else suffer through your children’s incessant whines and boredom complaints. So, how do you find a happy balance? Well, more often than not, each child would only need one backpack. Mobile entertainment would be enough to keep them hooked for hours and a few games of theirs. Be sure that everything is age-appropriate and leave toys that tend to have children fighting over. Have kid-friendly movies saved and ready in your electronic device in order to keep them still and quiet when they need to be. Make sure that these are downloaded so that you would not need an internet connection just to watch them.


Fun Travels: Four Excellent Tips for a Hassle-Free Trip with Kids


“When you travel with your children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away…experience, exposure, and a way of life.” -Pamela T. Chandler


It has been said that your children would remember not the material things you shower them with, but rather the time you spend with them. In this regard, the experiences you share together would not only cultivate better childhood memories, but foster a stronger relationship and a better familial bond with them. With this in mind, taking them to one of your travel excursions in seeing the world would be an excellent idea to give them a lifetime of memories to look back on. Unfortunately, traveling with kids can be somewhat of a challenge seeing as they would easily get bored and distracted. More often than not, parents would simply skip out on the chance of bringing their kids with them when they are out on a holiday in favor of a more peaceful and relaxing sojourn.

However, do not give up just yet. Although at times, it might feel like not only an extra expense on your part but extra stress to bring them along, there are ways of ensuring you will have an excellent time traveling. With a carefully planned travel itinerary that considers your kids attention spans as well as a well-executed strategy, you can keep your kids from turning into travel demons during your trip. So, if you have any trip lined up soon–may that be a short holiday with one of the Pampanga hotels booked or a much longer overseas retreat, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to travel sans the stress with your little tots and kids with you in tow:


  1.) Bring stuff to entertain them

Plane rides can go anywhere from an hour to sixteen hours which to a kid, would mean an eternity. The same goes for long car road trips with your kids constantly badgering you with the incessant question of “Are we there yet?” which would inevitably lead to an unruly car or plane ride. To a kid, even a single hour can already feel quite a long time and unless you are raising an immaculate angel, having them keep still in their seats would seem like an impossible feat. To ensure that they do not go wandering around or have them fidget in their seats and annoy you, have something to entertain and distract them. For best results, introduce something new like a new app installed on your gadget device or even a small inexpensive toy from the dollar store. You have a better chance of distracting them and keeping them occupied with things they have never previously seen which would make your trip much easier.

2.) Answer their questions ahead of time

Before your scheduled trip, have a talk with your kid and tell them what they can expect. Let them know what you will be doing on what day and on what time and more importantly, walk them through your travel itinerary. It is also important to tell them what they need to do during airport security checks and plane changes. Tell them what they can pack and what they cannot. Lastly, encourage them to ask questions and answer them promptly before your scheduled trip.

3.) Be friendly with the flight attendant

In no case should you regard the friendly flight attendant as your babysitter, but this does not mean you should not be nice to her. Give her a friendly smile and be nice to her and expect her to reciprocate the same kind of treatment to you. Flight attendants are well aware of the hassle of bringing your little ones to you, so the nicer you are to you, the more receptive she would be to catering to your requests. Plus, who knows, she might extend you the courtesy of being served first and you might even get extra perks.

4.) Prepare the snackage

If your kid is going to see someone munching something on the plane, chances are they are going to want the same thing for themselves. Unfortunately, in-flight snacks can be rather expensive and if you would rather skip out in the inflated price, it is best if you prepared an arsenal of snacks prior to your trip. Keep them calm and quiet with little snacks you can give them, but be sure not to overfeed them lest they would have to resort using the plane bathroom a lot. Remember to pack twice as many snacks as you would an ordinary trip and be sure to stick to the snacks that would not create so much of a mess.

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